Used and Abused: Rollerblade RB Cruiser

Comfortable skates that will get better with you, while you get better at skiing.

Knowing how to ski at an intermediate level is a good prerequisite for learning how to inline skate. If you can maintain an athletic stance and remember to keep your weight forward, you’ll be rolling in no time. Then, ideally, the skills you can pick up from skating will help improve your skiing.

That’s where the Rollerblade RB Cruiser comes in. The skate’s four wheels and pre-shaped adjustable aluminum frame provide ample support for beginner bladers and durability to last for a long time. The skates arrive with a heel brake installed, but it’s easy to remove once you get your T-stop dialed and are ready to roll without.

The other feature of the Rollerblade RB Cruiser worth noting is comfort. With a molded, vented shell and a plush liner, these rollerblades are easy to slip on right out of the box and stay comfy over time. One buckle on the upper cuff and another wrapped around the ankle are easy to use and cinch down snugly enough to keep the heel locked in the ankle pocket without discomfort.

I’m still far from being a proficient skater, so I’m not quite sure about the performance relative to other inline skates on the market (I should note I’m getting better thanks to the Skate to Ski app). But, if you’re after a slightly more advanced model that has higher speed capabilities, the RB 110 3WD has the same comfortable upper but a more advanced 3-wheel drivetrain that encourages speed and, for those with the proper abilities, more fun. But for now, I’m happy to keep on cruising on the Rollerblade RB Cruiser. [$160,]

Skate to Ski with Andrea Limbacher