Rossignol Allspeed 100 (2016)

2016 Rossignol Allspeed 100

Rating: / 5
Price: $500.00
Year: 2016
Gender: Female

Testers put the Allspeed 100-entered in the new Value category of the test-in their top half for good reason, agreeing widely that it skied at a higher-than-100 flex performance tier and generally held up the Allspeed family values. It has a balanced stance and an even, well-distributed flex feel. Most testers placed it dead-center in the width spectrum of the wide-last grouping and said it successfully avoided drifting into bucket status. It exerts a proper hold on the back of the foot while maintaining front end freedom. If you've come to believe all ski boots are nothing but trouble and that the best thing about them is taking them off, you'll be proven wrong here. Testers reported no trouble on or off, no trouble with fit, no trouble with performance. It's got fully-moldable EVA-foam ankle pocket inserts in the liner. All soles are replaceable (swappable for Walk-to-Ride walking soles)