Rossignol Allspeed Pro 120 (2018)

2018 High Performance Boot
Allspeed Pro 120
Price $700.00


Flex 120
Number of Buckles 4


Level Expert
Gender Male

Where the Alltrack line of releasable-cuff boots is built for hike-ready off-trail adventure, Rossi’s Allspeed line aims for uncompromised fixed-cuff performance on-trail. Allspeeds come in three fits, including narrow-lasted Elite versions (98 mm), but testers liked the 100-mm Pro version. In a category of stiff and edgy would-be race boots, it stood out for its comfort and forgive- ness. Moore: “Snugger, in a good way, than most 100-mm lasted boots, with a comfortable stance that’ll work well for most skiers.”