Rossignol Alltrack Pro 130 (2014)


Rating: / 5
Price: $
Year: 2014
Level: N/A
Gender: Male

The new Alltrack Pro has well-tailored ankle pockets and wraps the rearfoot and leg in a comfortable, snug grip. Testers consistently awarded it top marks for its progressive and cushioned flex feel. The hike mode did little to detract from its skiability. Testers ranked it with a handful of cuff release boots that skied as well as traditional fixed cuff boots. They did warn that it takes a little getting used to a boot this roomy, this cushy and this comfy skiing as well as it does. The Thinsulate laminate liner has eyelets for laces (included) in case you'd like to hang out in a yurt wearing them for shoes or cinch up for a snugger closure during skiing. The cuff adjustment is single sided, the soles are grippy (and replaceable with rockered AT style versions) and the arch is grippified for snappier hiking to untracked glory. This newcomer got some heckling for its flaccid room-temperature flex, but it slapped back once set to snow. After a couple runs in colder climes its flex index rose to the occasion, measuring out at a true 130 with a commanding persona. Testers even forgot it had a hike mode-the boot charged, they said. And they liked the cushioned initial fit and extra room in the toebox and forefoot. Tester Comments : "All the angles are tuned to perfection." "No lack of power or stability-great fore-aft support."