Rossignol Alltrack Pro 130 2018 All Mountain Ski Boot Review - Ski Mag

Rossignol Alltrack Pro 130 (2018)

2018 All-Mountain Ski Boot
Alltrack Pro 130
Price $130.00


Flex 130
Number of Buckles 4
Walk to Ride


Level Advanced
Gender Male

The Alltrack has a hike mode for mobility, but it makes as few concessions as possible in favor of solid downhill performance. It’s quick to the edge, testers said; strong in big-mountain steeps, and capable of blasting through crud and typical resort conditions. The 100-mm fit of the Pro is snug and accurate, but there are 102-mm versions for wider feet too. “Balanced and easy to ski, with no special movements required,” said Remiger. “Definitely more alpine-boot than touring-boot in feel. Good flex, never hingey.”

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