Rossignol Bindings 1998


Rossignol joins Salomon in the systems game by now building bindings specifically for super sidecut skis. These systems promote a tighter coupling between boot and binding, and allow no play between the binding and the ski itself. They invite a "leveraging" of the ski by helping you get your feet out from underneath your body. Rossignol also offers a complete and varied binding line. Take a close look at the Rossi race plates, in both metal and composites. You don't need to be a gate skier to appreciate them.

FD 70 $195
Aimed at Newcomers, this is an extremely light and well-priced binding. With no plate, lift, ramp angle or other bells and whistles, it's an affordable entry-level model.

FD Cut Plate $230
Add a plate to the FD 70, and you find yourself in a more athletic stance. The heel is raised 15 mm and the toe 8 mm for a more than 2-degree ramp angle. The free-floating Cut Plate makes turn initiation noticeably quicker and offers more lateral and fore/aft leverage. The heel mechanism clearly dampens vibration. Still affordable, and a better value than its low-end counterpart, the FD Cut Plate is custom-made for the Player.

FT 110 Cut $275
Rossignol's carving binding feels as tight as touted, like the stiff suspension on a sports car. Interlocking torsion bars in the new Axitec toe discourage the boot sole from twisting in the binding, while torsion locks eliminate play at the heel. Closer screw patterns better secure both the toe and heel. Carving Specialists and Aspiring Carvers will appreciate these subtleties.

FK'S Course $315
The ultimate Rossi race binding, the FK'S Course features a turntable heel. Elastic, akin to the Look TT9 RL in security and retention, no Racer or hard-core All-Mountain Expert skier should overlook this excellent choice. The super-elastic heel wraps the boot sole at three points and resists lateral impact as well or better than any binding on the market.

Rossignol Plates
Racing Plate 500 PU $150
The 500 composite plate (500 refers to the plate's length in millimeters; there is also a 450-mm version) is less expensive, lighter by 30 percent and more consumer-friendly than its metal counterpart. It offers good lift, added leverage, a silky ride and doesn't inhibit short turns in the least. An excellent choice for discerning Players, Aspiring Carvers and Executives.

Racing Plate 470 Metal $180
This model adds weight to the ski and, like the 500 PU, requires a longer brake than Rossignol provides. Because this plate is designed for Racers of all weights, you can feel its power without going 60 mph. Strategic screw locations behind the boot sole center and added stiffness in the plate's rear allow it to deliver tremendous boost to the tail. Not designed for deep snow or short turns, this 12-mm-high metal plate has powerful leverage and great feel. An absolute thriller for Racers and aggressive All-Mountain Experts.