Rossignol Bindings 2001-02

5. Three Days After a Powder Day

Rossignol Bindings 2001-02


Rossignol's binding line will return mostly unchanged for next season. The new bindings will appear at the lowest three price points, where the Axium bindings will replace the current FDX models. The new Axiums use the Dual Action toe that is currently used in the rest of Rossi's line. Rossi expects the Axium series to be the lightest bindings on the market. The only other significant change is a modification to the T-Plate and X-Plate. The T-Plate is 14 mm high at the toe and 10 mm at the heel, just like the current version, but will now have a suspension system designed to eliminate vibrations. The X-Plate will also add this suspension component.

Axial Series
The Axial heel is said to provide the performance of a turntable with the convenience of a step-in. All Axial bindings use the Dual Action toe. As their names indicate, the Axial 140 T-Plate S (5-14), Axial 120 T-Plate S (4-12), Axial 100 T-Plate S (3-10), and Axial 100 Saphir T-Plate S (3-10) all incorporate the new T-Plate. The Axial 140 Race (5-14), Axial 120 Race (4-12), and Axial 100 Race (3-10) each have a standard 4 mm lifter.

FTX Series
Along with the Dual Action toe, FTX bindings use a three-piece step-in heel. The two models are the FTX 120 X-Plate S (4-12) and FTX X-Plate S (3.5-11), both of which use the X-Plate S.

Axium Series
The new Axium bindings use a lightweight two-piece heel. The Axium 100 X-Plate has a 10-mm lifter (without the suspension system). The Axium 100 (3-10) and the Axium 90 (2.5-9) fill out the line.

Rossignol will not offer after-market lifters next year.