Rossignol Cut Super 10.4


1998 Newcomer-Gold Medal Winner

Size: 150-184 cm
Price: $439
Details: With its turn-inducing 104-mm tip section that dares you not to improve, this Rossignol is super for Newcomers. "The Super 10.4 is easy to turn but it also has 'real ski' properties-shape and substance-that you can take with you as you improve," said Thys. "On groomed snow it's even appropriate for Aspiring Carvers and some lighter Players," said Doug Lewis. The10.4, which is nicely damp and calm, responds to the slightest input but can also be fun when you turn up the heat.

Positives: A relaxed ski that calms your jitters at any speed
Negatives: It doesn't like to be forced into quick turns