Rossignol Electra Pro SL 110 (2014)


Rating: / 5
Price: $
Year: 2014
Gender: Female

Testers particularly liked the flex feel of the Electra Pro 110-cushioned but solid, progressive with a stopping point. It never collapsed, even when pressured hard. The tall supportive cuff provided an active fore-aft lever arm for hammering through crud yet still retained an open enough flare at boot top to welcome a muscular calf. The boot's stance is upright in the modern fashion but not backseat by any means. Numerous testers noted that the stance was neutral and balanced. Lateral power scores were through the roof, but the primary point of agreement was the boot's ability to combine power and agility without sacrificing comfort. The features list is slim, but far from famine. The boot has a single cuff adjustment for lateral tweaks that will create a flatter or edgier set-up and a 40 mm power strap. Oh yeah; a furry liner too. The Ultra Grip soles are replaceable. Tester Comments: "Quick and nimble. Felt good enough to take another run. Or three."