Rossignol Energy 10.1


1998 Aspiring Carver-Gold Medal Winner

Size: 170-191 cm
Price: $479
Details: Most skis in the Aspiring Carver category aspire to make the turn easier. The Rossignol Energy 10.1 aspires to make it better. "This ski doesn't just carve. It carves well," said Morgan. With its 101-mm wide tip the 10.1 is no pushover when it comes to turn initiation. "It is nicely damp when you gain even a little speed," said Carmichael. "It makes super-smooth turns and has good rebound energy." Part of the rebound comes from Rossi's proprietary (and expensive) Dualtec construction placed under the foot for more beef and edge hold. Easterners will particularly like the 10.1's nearly vibration-free feel.

Positives: Ultrastable and ultrasmooth
Negatives: More ski than some will need