Rossignol Energy 9.9


1998 Player-Gold Medal Winner

Size: 170-191 cm
Price: $539
Details: The Rossignol Energy 9.9 is nothing less than a sports translator, taking the body language of other sports and letting you use it on the slopes. "An athletic in-line skater could jump right on this ski and thrive," said Bigford. "Just tip the boot over a little, and make arcs like you would on pavement." What does this ski do best? "Everything," answered Shelton. "It's a dream floating through powder, it's a dancer on the steeps, and it has a Formula 1 suspension in the big arcs. Like a brilliant child, you can let it be, and it will still do everything right." The consensus: The 9.9 is a magnificent, easy-turning, high-performance arc machine.

Positives: Automatic, easy turns that also handle speed
Negatives: Soft tip can be easily overpowered