Rossignol Energy Super 9.9 - Ski Mag

Rossignol Energy Super 9.9


1998 Executive-Gold Medal Winner

Size: 170-191 cm
Price: $629
Details: The Energy Super 9.9 is an equal opportunity ski. For the skier who is surging up the learning curve it will deliver results in a matter of turns. And for strong skiers with little interest in cornice jumping, it offers a full range of sophisticated performance. "Outpaces most of the others in this class," said Campbell. And from McMenamy: "Chiffon-like fluidity throughout the turn, but it still likes an aggressive stance and has a nice, stout tail section that lets you arc it." The big shape (it has only a 62-mm waist to go with its 99.5-mm tip) and Dualtec construction make it a great performance ski for the weekend warrior looking to become a five-day fanatic.

Positives: Effortless feel under foot
Negatives: Unhappy in tight spaces