Rossignol Mogul Ski

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Bumpers rejoice! After years of offering nothing but repainted slalom boards to butt swivel on, Rossignol will introduce a truly mogul-specific ski designed with the help of World Cuppers like Donna Weinbrecht. Simply called the Mogul ($569), the ski will have twin tips for attacking the zipperline in reverse (yeah, right), and a wider waist (66 mm) than most bump skis for added stability.


Classic 80 Ti (2010)

People's Ski Test 2010, Rossignol

The Phantoms and SASes didn’t see much action, given the early-season Eastern conditions, but testers beat a path to the midfats. The Classic series (Classic 70 Ti, Classic 80 Ti) and the Avengers (82 Ti, 82 Carbon) were popular with the men, while the women headed for the Attraxion 12 and AttraxionEcho. Among skis that got enough test runs for a valid result, here are the rankings: