Rossignol Skis 2001-02

Located on the West Ridge at Taos, the Elevator Chutes are often home to extreme freeskiing competitions. Elevator and the other chutes on the West Ridge showcase Taos' toughest terrain, which would be a feat on any resort, but Taos has been ranked consistently by SKI and Skiing magazines for having some of the steepest terrain in North America.  Taos' steepness requires more snow, as well. Locals go by the "75-inch rule" where the base has to be at least 75 inches deep before you can put away the rock skis. If going for a visit, don't miss Kachina Peak as well as it has also been ranked as very extreme and is an honorable mention for our list.

Rossignol Skis 2001-02


Headlining the changes in Rossignol's fleet of skis for 2001-2002 are two new technologies: Power Pulsion System (PPS) and V-Flex. PPS is Rossi's answer to the question of the moment: How do you reduce length while retaining performance? PPS features an integral metal plate under the binding for better edge grip and stability. There's also an elastomer sandwiched between the plate and the ski, which, as the ski bends, sends energy (via rails built into the top of the ski) toward the tip and tail. The idea: enhance ski-to-snow contact throughout the length of the ski. PPS will appear in two skis, including the new GS race ski, which will be skied by World Cup men in a short 181 cm length. And because of the rails, which extend out from the plate, "It's a totally different looking ski," says product manager George Couperthwait.

The second noteworthy technology is V-Flex, which will appear in all the Bandit skis. In order to vary torsional rigidity from tip to tail, Rossignol uses a tapered sheet of aluminum. It runs edge to edge at the tip and waist, for higher stiffness and quick turn initiation, but tapers at the tail for less rigidity and thus easier release out of a turn.

Race Series
The new T-Power 9X PPS is an all-new GS race ski featuring the new PPS technology, which allows the ski to be skied in shorter lengths (181 cm for men). The T-Power 9S Plate returns with new graphics.
New: T-Power 9X PPS.
Modified: T-Power 9S Plate.

Viper Series
The new T-Power Viper PPS is the top-line carving expert ski with new PPS technology. The T-Power Viper XL is a new expert carver for women. Last year's T-Power Viper S, a short-turning T-Power, returns with updated graphics.
New: T-Power Viper PPS, T-Power Viper XL.
Modified: T-Power Viper S.

Cobra Series
The T-Power Cobra X is a totally new medium- to long-turning intermediate ski that replaces the Cobra X 10.2.
New:T-Power Cobra X.

Saphir Series
The T-Power Saphir CX, a totally new ski, is the women's version of the Cobra X. The T-Power Saphir VS, the women's version of the T-Power Viper S, returns with a slightly softer construction than last year's Saphir.
New: T-Power Saphir CX. Modified: T-Power Saphir VS.

Cut Series
The CUT 10.7 Super, CUT 10.7 Super Lady, CUT 10.6, and CUT 10.6 Lady are four new wide-waisted twin-tip skis for entry-level skiers.
New: CUT 10.7 Super/Lady, CUT 10.6/Lady.

Freeride Series
The popular Bandit XXX gets updated with more width, more sidecut, and new lengths. As with all the Bandits for 2001-2002, the XXX incorporates new V-Flex technology. And it's a true twin tip this year, for switch landings in big pow. In other Freeride Series changes, the Bandit XX adds a bit more girth and sidecut. In the new Bandit XXL, Rossi switches from a metal lamintate to an all-fiberglass construction, making it lighter and softer than the XX. The Bandit X also gets wider and adds more sidecut than last year's version. The Bandit XL will be an all-fiberglass version of the Bandit X. The Rebel XX will take last year's Bandit XX footprint, but in an all-fiberglass iteration, instead of a metal laminate. The new Rebel X will borrow its geometry from last year's Bandit X, but in a fiberglass construction. Finally, the Rebel returns with graphic changes.
New Bandit XXX, Bandit XX, Bandit XXL, Bandit X, Bandit XL, Rebel XX, Rebel X.
Modified: Rebel.

Totally new in the line will be the Mogul, a new- school twin-tip, shaped mogul ski that's wider than a traditional bump board. With input from World Cup bumpers like Donna Weinbrecht, the Mogul will be skied in shorter lengths, too (like 178 and 168 cm). The Pow'Air Grind, Pow'Air Pro, and Pow'Air skis for park and pipe wiill return with updated graphics.
New: Mogul.
Modified: Pow'Air Grind, Pow'Air Pro, Pow'Air.