Salomon Announces New BBR

Salomon announces a radical new ski design that promises to challenge the conventional wisdom of alpine ski design. Is it all hype?

Salomon’s newest ski innovation, BBR, doesn’t comfortably fit into any current product category. It does, however, have the potential to change our perception of the way alpine skis should be shaped. Designed by Bertrand Krafft, the shaper behind the popular Salomon X Scream Series and Pocket Rocket, the BBR has a water sports inspired design that promises, "the liberty to carve, cruise, float and play,” according to a Salomon press release. Boasting an entirely unique design with oversized tip and slight rocker shape for powder days, combined with a narrow waist, pintail and short turn radius for on-piste performance, the BBR may truly be a one-ski quiver. “It’s all about having fun,” according to Jean-Yves Couput, Salomon Global Brand Manager. “This is the ski that helps get you that day on the mountain you’ll never forget." The freedom and adventure of your best days are exemplified in this revolutionary innovation.” Whether or not the BBR is a “game-changing” design capable of taking us from blower powder to frontside corduroy with no performance sacrifice is a question that will have to be answered in due time, but this promising new innovation from Salomon has definitely caught our attention.

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Additional info from Salomon BBR Press Release: “The BBR launch unveiling kicks off with the Shape Your Adventure Tour, a nation-spanning road trip to a number of ski areas in the U.S. allowing skiers to test the fun factor first hand. Salomon athlete Seth Warner will haul a cache of BBR demo samples to virtually every area of the nation throughout the winter to give consumers a sneak peek and ultimate ride. Salomon officially launches the BBR at the SnowSports Industry Association trade show in January.”