Salomon Axendo 8


1998 Player-Gold Medal Winner

Size: 168-196 cm
Price: $515
Details: One of the keys to the Axendo 8's popularity is its shapely forebody-it has a 99-mm tip and only 63.5-mm waist. The other is the ski's light weight. Shelton summed it up well. "It's like skiing on autopilot!" he said. "The ski has a huge range, which invites you to improve." The Axendo 8's lightness under foot and confidence at higher speeds will appeal to "the strong, ambitious Player who is determined to improve," said Bigford. "It's friendly, easy and lively," said McGrath. "Athletes want stability, especially on ice, and this ski delivers it."

Positives: Its light weight makes skiing easy all day
Negatives: Tends to sink in powder