Salomon Axendo Series


1998 All-Mountain Expert-Gold Medal Winner

Size: 168-196 cm
Price: $710
Details: How can one ski be called a whole series? By having multiple personalities and few limitations. "This ski really lives up to its name-it does it all," said Morgan. "It's perfect for lighter experts who like to point 'em through varied terrain, crud, trees and corduroy." The shapely Axendo Series is not a race ski, but it has the spirit of one. "This is a spicy hot burrito," said Lyons. "It's best in medium-radius turns, and there's no need for over-pressuring it," said McMenamy. Thanks to its lack of heft and its narrowish waist (63.5mm), the Axendo was perhaps the most effortless turn in the test. Prefer ballet to World Championship Wrestling? Get the Series.

Positives: Acts and reacts on command
Negatives: A bit skittish at Mach schnell