Salomon Bindings 2001-02

Salomon S 8 10 Poweraxe Sport

Salomon Bindings 2001-02


A year after completely overhauling its binding line, Salomon has tweaked its offering by adding new constructions with new materials to create lighter and more precise bindings. It has also made several changes to the Poweraxe plate system and will be using titanium in a new recreational binding. Following the ASTM's new standard for forward twisting falls, Salomon now offers Spheric Oversize technology in virtually all of its bindings (including most junior models). Salomon bindings will continue to have single-screw micrometric wing adjustments on all of its Driver toes, while new junior models feature a snow scraper toe piece.

After successfully creating the S912 Ti for this season, Salomon will add titanium to a recreation binding and create the S810 Ti. The decrease in weight will be nearly a pound per pair, Salomon says.

Spheric Oversize Series
The following bindings are either new or have new features: S912Ti Pe2 (new Poweraxe Energy2 interface), S914 Pe2 (new Poweraxe Energy2 interface), S914 Axe Plus (new Axe Plus Energy2 interface), S912 Pe2 (new Poweraxe Energy2 interface), S810 Ti Axe Plus (new titanium construction), S710Pa (new Poweraxe Active interface), S711Ps (now has Spheric Oversize technology), S710 CP (new Carve Plate interface, Spheric Oversize technology).

The following Salomon bindings are unchanged: S914 FIS, S912 Ti, S912 Ps, S810 Ps, C610.

Classic Series
In this series the C610 Cp is new (new Carve Plate lifter) and the C610 and C509 are unchanged.

Salomon's Poweraxe plate system allows a ski to flex naturally through a turn, the company says, resulting in superior precision, better edge grip, and more rebound. Salomon continues to expand the Poweraxe line, with three new models in the 2001-2002 line: Poweraxe Race GS plate, which utilizes a rigid platform and incorporates axes that allow the ski to flex; Poweraxe Energy2, the original Poweraxe with a stronger construction; and the Poweraxe Active, a new softer, lighter construction for intermediate skiers. (The new Poweraxe Race GS and the returning Poweraxe Race SL will only be available as ala carte items.)

The Axe Plus is a simple 11 mm plate with the added feature of two pressure distributors located under the brake pad. As the skier steps into the binding, the pressure distributors help flex the ski slightly under the foot for a more natural turn and better edge grip. Salomon has restyled the Axe Plus into the Carve Plate , an interface connected in the center to create a more finished look while also utilizing pressure distributors. The Axe Plus remains, but the Carve Plate should become the way of the future.