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Salomon Bindings 2002

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The big differences throughout the Salomon line are found within the toepiece and enhancement-plate technologies. Skiers who hammer on it pretty hard or look for the precision that comes with a tenacious bond between boot and ski should gravitate toward the Driver toepiece. Skiers who prefer the peace of mind that comes with a true upward release in the toe should look for the Quadrax toepiece.

To maximize ski performance, the Poweraxe plate system provides a degree of separation between the binding and the ski through a mounting system that works around a single point of contact between the two. This promotes round ski flex and, depending on the model, either increases rebound energy or damps vibrations.

Salomon's Pilot system integrates Salomon skis and bindings via a unique attachment system that provides perhaps the most free-flexing system available.

PRO/BRO: "Bindings are the crucial connection between the skier and the ski, but I think a lot of people don't place enough attention on them. I can't risk them not coming off when they need to." --Chris Davenport, professional big-mountain skier and two-time World Freeskiing champion

S912 Ti Pe2 (DIN 4-12) $345
This binding employs the Driver toe and the Poweraxe Energy2 enhancement plate, the stiffest, highest-performance lifter Salomon produces for nonracers. The snappier plate material is said to render a ski more energetic and precise.

S810 Ps (DIN 3-10) $265
This package includes the bomber Driver toe and the Poweraxe Sport plate, which has a dampening effect.

S710CP (DIN 3-10) $185
No Poweraxe lifter technology, but there's still a flexible lift plate, along with the Quadrax toepiece -- a good package of features for the money.