Salomon Bindings 2003

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Salomon Bindings 2003

Salomon says it won't bring a product to retail unless it's been validated by elite competitors and the best freeskiers. Salomon's consumer products enjoy the same level of R&D as its race products, which won 13 medals in the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics-more than any other brand. Its deep understanding of every type of race turn also translates into finely tuned empathy for what the recreational skier needs.

S912 Ti Pe2
This setup includes a versatile interface meant to provide equal measures of lift, rebound and damping. It's lightweight, makes the ski damp and feels like Salomons of a generation ago. A good fit for all AMCs, as well as lightweight AMEs and Racers.

S912 Ti on PowerAxe Racer SL plate
This slalom plate gives progressively stronger rebound as the ski bends deeply. It also gives 14 mm of lift, which adds leverage. It feels sluggish at slow speeds, but skis grow increasingly sensitive and powerful with added velocity. Recommended.

S912 Ti with PowerAxe Racer GS plate
Here's an awesome appendage that absolutely glues the edge to the snow. But be ready for plenty of speed. The ski doesn't appreciate lots of guidance once the turn is set in motion-just roll it up and ride it. Want to tighten the arc? Roll it up higher, and hang on. A true GS plate. Highly recommended.