Salomon Enduro L 750+L10 (2013)


Rating: / 5
Price: $500.00
Year: 2013
Level: 1
Gender: Male
Waist Width: 74
Tip/Tail/Waist: 123-74-103
Lengths: 144, 152, 160, 168, 176

The L 750 is an affordable system-only ski designed for versatile frontside performance. Narrower than the 800 (it's 75 mm), it should be more comfortable on hard Eastern snow. Like the LX 750, the L 750 is a monocoque (structural cap) construction on a lightweight foam core. But the L comes without any metal reinforcement, which makes it more comfortable for the less skilled. Salomon's All-Terrain Rocker combines zero camber with a rockered tip, so it will be more buoyant in soft snow and smoother-riding in rough terrain, yet still responsive on the groomed. The L 750 comes with the lightweight L10 binding, with its maximum DIN of 10.