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Salomon Helmets 2001-02

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For $250, you can block all sound from everywhere and have killer surround sound in your head.

Salomon Helmets 2001-02


A big, new fish in this year's pool of helmet manufacturers, Salomon is taking the success it's found selling its freeride and twin-tip skis a step further by trying to protect its clients' heads as they land 1080s and other aerial maneuvers. There will be eight models debuting for 2001¿2002, with a slew of technology in each one, like Autofit Thermastat foam which forms to the shape of your head as you wear it; and Thermicfit X-Static, which uses silver to regulate heat. The signature model, Mach 2 ($155), is intended for the adventurous Salomon customer, while the Screamer ($119) is the more affordable choice. And for skiers who like to risk life and limb, there's the Crossmax ($359), a full-faced skiercross lid.