Salomon Quest Pro 100 W (2016)

Rating: / 5
Price: $600.00
Year: 2016
Gender: Female

The Quest Pro 100 W embodies versatility-in skiing application, fit and features. It has something positive to offer to all skiers, said testers. Its ease of entry got our crew interested from the get-go; the simple buckles, cushioned initial fit and straightforward hike mode apparatus kept the positive comments rolling. Testers liked the liner’s open and airy toebox and forefoot fit but noted that it was paired with a quite firm grip on the ankles. Comfort and control, they crowed. Maybe too much control on the ankles for a couple testers who quickly signed up for Custom Shell 360 molding to moderate the fit tension. The Custom Shell 360 process was a large part of our boot test this year and custom testing bore out what many of our bootfitter testers already knew: the cook-and-mold process works well, easing peak pressure points and increasing volume where needed. Testers loved the tuned-in feel of the Quest Pro 100 W, especially in variable terrain and soft snow. It sliced and diced crud, pow and groomers with equal ease making it a stable partner for all-mountain exploration.