Salomon Rocker2 122 (2016)


Rating: / 5
Price: $
Year: 2016
Gender: Female
Waist Width: 122
Tip/Tail/Waist: 144-122-132
Lengths: 172,180,184,192

The Rocker² 122 is the widest ski in the Gravity Powder series, specializing in deep snow with its 144 mm tip, 122 mm waist, and 132 mm tail (at 184 cm). It also has a super long 26 m radius (at 184 cm) built for big and fast turns. Honeycomb Tip and Tail technology lightens the tip and tail, designed for extra floatation and less chatter. For something similar but skinnier, check out the Rocker² 108 and Rocker² 100. The Gravity Powder series is Salomon's most powder-focused series, featuring three different models with waists ranging from 100 mm - 122 mm. These are skis intended for deep snow and gnarly terrain, no matter where you find it. Full Woodcore is built in to give the ski stability and reduce chatter and Twin Rocker lifts the tip and tail up and off the ground, designed for playfulness and mowing through varied conditions. Hook Free Taper additionally moves the ski's widest points slightly away from the tip and tail and towards the binding, designed for better turn initiation and reduced hooking, especially in powder and other conditions outside the groomers. Salomon, based in Annecy, France, was founded in 1947. Its U.S. headquarters are in Ogden, Utah.