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Salomon Skis 2001-02

Salomon Skis 2001-02

Salomon Skis 2001-02


Of all the wintersports equipment companies in the world, Salomon has a real knack for picking up on emerging trends and building just the right product-with a complementary marketing plan-to help that trend become trendy. Pipe and park is one such trend (with the hugely successful 1080 ski); new-school slalom racing (with the pioneering short slalom ski) is another.

For 2001-2002 Salomon will promote four main trends, each with a complete product offering to include a ski, boot, binding, pole, and helmet. The trends are: skiercross (with the associated Crossmax Pilot system); ease of learning, fun, and comfort for the masses (with the Verse Pilot system and the innovative Verse boot); powder and big air combined (with the Pocket Rocket ski); and new-school racing (with the Equipe 10 3V short slalom ski and Poweraxe Race interfaces). Those four concepts will "provide the images and main communication points for Salomon's alpine business in the coming year," according to the company.

Of course, the innovative Pilot is back. The idea of the "system" in which ski and binding work in concert to produce a seamless performance feel has been around for years. But Salomon was the first to offer a truly integrated system. The Pilot features a specially-designed binding that is attached to the ski with two pins or "axles," one under the toepiece and one under the heelpiece. One result, according to the company: Totally free flex. Another: no mounting screws or tools are required. Mounting takes about 20 seconds.

This year there are eight models featuring the Pilot system. The flagships include the Scream 10 Pilot, what Salomon calls the "Ultimate Freeride tool"; Crossmax Pilot ("Ultimate carving tool"); and Verse Pilot, which is a ski designed to "allow skiers to break through barriers and become better skiers faster."

Salomon's women's program has received significant upgrades. All skis and systems that have the designation "W" have softer constructions and cores. This amounts to a sliding component that is 15 percent lighter and 20 percent softer than the unisex model, says Salomon. Women's specific models are Scream 8 Pilot W, Crossmax 8 Pilot W, Verse 7W, Verse 5W, and X Scream W.

Salomon's Snowblade program has also undergone changes. The company says the kinds of tricks kids are doing on Snowblades today "more closely resemble aggressive inline skating than skiing. Sliding on rails, bouncing off picnic tables, and difficult backward tricks are the things that get Snowbladers going today." The biggest news for 2001-2002: the Spinner binding on the SB 10 and Buzz 99 Snowblades. "A central turning ball moves the toe and heel pieces simultaneously to fit the boot and keep it centered exactly where it will maximize performance over the blade."

Skier-X Series
With skiercross competition as its athletic pinnacle, the Crossmax Pilot is designed for high-speed, high-intensity carving on hard and groomed snow. These skis have oversized transmitters for more power on hard snow conditions. They also use a multi-radius sidecut for turn versatility. This Pilot "encourages rapid progression to carving and new terrain," says Salomon.
New: Crossmax 10 Pilot, Crossmax 9 Pilot, Crossmax 8 Pilot, Crossmax 8 Pilot W.

Freeride Series
The Scream Pilot skis are designed for all-mountain versatility in all types of snow. The flagship Scream 10 Pilot is a Monocoque Composite construction for rebound and liveliness. The Scream 8 Pilot W is new, with Monocoque Titanium Lite construction for lighter weight and softer flex.
New:Scream 10 Pilot, Scream 8 Pilot, Scream 8 Pilot W.
Modified: (new graphics): X-Scream 9, X-Scream (formerly X-Scream 7), X-Scream W.
Unchanged: X-Scream Series.

The newest member of the Verse collection is the Verse 10 Pilot, which Salomon calls "the Ultimate Prrogress tool, providing easy access to more difficult terrain, new experiences, and better skiing." It features Monocoque single-wall construction for lightness and soft flex, Softex for added dampening and grip. The Verse Pilot system has what Salomon calls soft transmitters for extra shock absorption and a lighter feel.
New: Verse 10 Pilot.
Modified:Verse 9, Verse 7/7W, Verse 5/5W.

New School Backcountry Series
The new Pocket Rocket ski is designed with the idea of "bringing air and powder together in a relentless quest to go bigger, to make the whole world a playground." With a wide waist (90 millimeters), twin tips, and a Spaceframe platform providing added strength in the middle of the ski, the Pocket Rocket is designed to be used shorter than most powder skis, making it especially nice for smaller, lighter skiers.
New: Pocket Rocket.

Freestyle Series
In what may be a first in the ski industry, next year's Teneighty pipe and park ski sports a different graphic for each length. The Teneighty Mogul also has a new graphic and a new base.
Modified: Teneighty, Teneighty Mogul.

Racing Series
What Salomon is calling "new school racing" can be found in its new Equipe 10 3V, which was used by Austria's Mario Matt to go from 47th to 1st in his fourth World Cup start. The 3V gets a new sidecut, a new combination core using wood and Power PU, and the new Edge platform for superior transmission and grip. The Equipe 10 2V has a new graphic and Metaltex for better dampening, SFP for easier turn initiation, and a wider tail for more acceleration through the turn.
New: Equipe 10 3V (slalom).
Modified:Equipe 10 2V.