Salomon Super Force Series 2S


1998 All-Mountain Expert-Gold Medal Winner

Size: 186-203 cm
Price: $695
Details: One sign of a great expert ski is that it feels comfortable playing in the fall line-it's rock-solid yet ever-ready for the next move. The lightweight, gently shaped Super Force Series 2S is a sure-footed dance partner. "This is a fun fall-line ski," said Morgan. "Not a ton of snap," said McKinney, "but it's incredibly easy to turn, with effortless rhythm changes." Other testers, particularly the lighter ones, noticed the 2S's versatility. "Quick, but also studly," said McGrath. "It plows through the crud." Two composite Prolink arms keep the ski down on the snow for a sleek feel, while its narrowish tail makes it ultramaneuverable.

Positives: A chameleon, adapting to different snow situations
Negatives: Sometimes you need to spur it to get it to giddy up