Salomon X Max 120 (2016)

Rating: / 5
Price: $725.00
Year: 2016
Gender: Female

Custom shells and liners can perform slick sleight-of-hand tricks, not big-stage magic, so the initial fit still has to be as close as possible. For our slender-footed, lower volume testers the X Max 120 was an ideal starting point. This year’s version sports a revamped, pre-molded liner that grabs the instep, ankle, and heel with an even but persistent grip. It’s perfect for railing high-speed arcs and rapid-fire short radius rippers. In testing, the 360° Custom Shell molding process took the sting out of peak pressure points and generally relaxed the all-over fit just enough to turn a stiff-suspension track car into a performance-oriented sport sedan. Testers liked the close feel of the shell-the new liner is thin and dense, so communication from foot to ski was “quick,” “resilient” and “accurate.” Some of our longer-legged guys were able to overpower the 120 but knew from experience that the sturdier X Max 130 would give them plenty of support.