Salomon X-Pro 120 (2014)


Rating: / 5
Price: $699.00
Year: 2014
Level: N/A
Gender: Male

Salomon's new X Pro 120 has a massive width range spanning from 100 to 106 millimeters. It comes out of the box at 100 but the width and shape morphing 360-Custom Shell lets it stretch well into ultra-wide territory. We tested the boot stock and molded. Our results were consistent; the heat molding process always improved the fit and the stance regardless of the amount of change we teased out of it. The X-Pro 120 is a chameleon. Unlike other boots where there is usually a right and wrong size, there are options here. Drop down a size (very doable thanks to the long fit that the shell’s shape and deep heel pocket provide) and you’ll get a right-and-tight zipper carver. Stick with your regular size and you get a roomy medium fit comfort cruiser. Either way, testers said, medium- to wide-footed skiers should execute the custom molding process for customized fit and stance. Testers who really didn’t need to heat mold the shell to accommodate their foot volume nevertheless gave the molding process high marks. They said the boot felt more balanced and flat on their skis and gave them more feel for the snow after molding. They also noted small improvements in comfort post molding. Testers who did not heat mold the boot were less satisfied with the boot's fit and performance than the testers who did. During the shell molding process the key is to maintain a hip-width, parallel stance on a hard flat surface. Don’t let anybody mold you in other configurations if you want to get the best possible stance results. Tester Comments: "Balanced improved dramatically after cooking. The cuff probably moved laterally one full degree for me." "I would say a heat moldable shell is tops in gizmology. For skiers looking for a convenient custom fit, this is the boot."