Salomon X Pro 130 (2016)

Rating: / 5
Price: $850.00
Year: 2016
Gender: Female

We put heavy mileage on the X Pro 130 in off-the-rack mode and then again after customizing it every which way. Testers said the X Pro rocks in both stock and full-modified versions. Many of the crew preferred the firm grip of the stock set-up’s liner, which holds the heel and ankle aggressively. It’s great for skinny-heel/wide-forefoot guys (there’s room up front) without any elective surgery. Other testers preferred to cook only the liner to ease that rearfoot grip and retain the otherwise firm fit throughout. A good portion of our test team liked the full-monty shell and liner cook job. Testers liked the boot’s starting position, with its modern, upright cuff, tipped slightly outward for strong inside-edge engagement. They also liked the flex feel. It’s solid but with long enough travel for making supple flexing movements that responded well in a variety of turn shapes and sizes and through all terrain and conditions.