Salomon X Pro 80 W (2016)


Rating: / 5
Price: $475.00
Year: 2016
Gender: Female

The X Pro 80 W was one of only a handful of our soft flex Value boots that soared well into the top tier, score-wise, in the All-Mountain Traditionalist category. Sure the comfort here works for a lodge bunny, but our testers put it through the big grinder and this 80-flex held true with a soft-side flex but one that doesn’t fold. It has all the qualities of the very best boots. Its anatomical fit matches the curves of the foot and leg; in this case, thicker feet and legs. Its stance set-up allows for a just-strong-enough athletic stance without burning the quads. A neutral side-to-side position helps turns flow like a spring creek winding down a mountain. The shape-changing, width-expanding Custom Shell 360 transformation opens up a lot of options for different skiers. Our tests show that the oven-cook and mold procedure works to quickly open-up and even-out the overall fit of the boot. It is a process we encourage skiers to take advantage of. The Custom Shell process opens up calf fit but there is also a cuff-expansion mechanism on-board that our testers say works well.