Salomon X-Pro 90 W (2014)

Rating: / 5
Price: $599.00
Year: 2014
Gender: Female

This may be the Holy Grail for female skiers who have perpetually experienced cuff fit issues. Testers gave it unanimous double thumbs up for the flared-out liner shape that mates with an adjustable calf feature to tailor fit for average-to-wide calves straight out-of-the-box. We also had a couple of testers with muscular calves and shorter legs to see if we could get even more room through the 360 Custom Shell process. It worked perfectly as the upper boot blossomed like a tulip. Testers also said the boot’s stance improved after the molding routine. They liked the boot’s feel for the snow calling it sensitive, reactive and agile underfoot. The flex was even and smooth but as a group they felt it came up a bit short of the claimed 90 rating. Tester Comments: “Great upright stance. Easily accommodates a wide calf.” “My favorite. It’s so easy to feel the bottom of the foot throughout the turn.”