Santa and Pals Visit Snowshoe

Full Speed Reverse

Snowshoe, WV, Dec. 21, 2000--Santa's coming to town, but before he does you might see him carving a few turns down the ski slopes. This year he made a stop with a few friends at Snowshoe Mountain, WV, the first ski area in the central eastern region to be 100 percent open the week before Christmas.

Now that the Grinch has seen the heart-warming fun to be had on a pair of skis, he and the Clauses have made amends. Although rumored to be the top extreme skier in the Arctic, Santa is now branching out to snowboarding. The Grinch, still a relative newcomer to skiing, is almost on par with Santa on a board making the two good ski-buddies.

Snowshoe still has lodging and ski packages available for the holidays. Refer to "15 Great Ski Resorts for Christmas 2000" in the above right ARTICLES section for more details.