Used & Abused: SAXX Blacksheep Long John

A whole new meaning to the term "nut-huggers."

One year ago, my girlfriend gave me some Saxx Blacksheep Long Johns. The patented crotch panels on Saxx’s long underwear (and regular undies, too) are designed to support a man’s frank and beans, requiring a commando-only view on life. Most men’s baselayers feature saggy crotches, so I was skeptical about leaving my boxers at home and freeballing on the slopes. After one day in the Blacksheep skiing at Montana’s Bridger Bowl, I swore off wearing anything under my long johns ever again, and was enamored by the newfound support my private parts never knew they needed.

One year later, while many of the other baselayers I wore throughout the same period either got too stinky, lost their elasticity, or both, the Blacksheep are still as good as new. Sometimes I wear them for a few days in a row, and the 95% merino wool and 5% spandex blend stays so fresh my girlfriend is none the wiser that my long johns aren’t exactly “clean.” It would be great to see a ¾ length version to accommodate a ski boot cuff.

Pro-tip: Despite their natural odor-fighting capabilities and the never-want-to-take-them-off comfort, you really should wash them at some point.

So go ahead give 'em a try and keep your junk inbounds with the Saxx Blacksheep.