School of Rocker

It’s here to stay, and it’s not just for powder skis anymore. Manufacturers are offering new hybrids that’ll help anyone—anyone—ski better.
Ski Rocker Profiles

You probably haven't realized it yet, but no matter who you are, chances are good the next pair of skis you buy will be rockered. Start getting used to it.

No, we’re not necessarily talking about those banana skis you see in liftlines at Squaw and Jackson—though you’ll continue to see them, because for powder skiing, it’s unassailable that rocker has its place. But beyond those powder pigs, fine new blends of camber and rocker are making their way into decidedly mainstream models intended for different ability levels. So next season, you’ll see frontside and even novice skis with slight rocker in the tip, along with a bewildering variety of other approaches as manufacturers try to figure out where the trend is going and what applications it best serves.
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Olympic Gear: Battle of the Brands

Battle of the Brands

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Floatacious Powder Skis


Fat skis have redefined the way we ski powder. Once rare, now they’re mainstream—and only getting fatter.