Scott G1 FR 130 (2014)


Rating: / 5
Price: $
Year: 2014
Gender: Male

Formerly the Garmont G1 130, the boot has been rebadged with the venerable Scott name and the G1 130 starred in this no-holds-barred, just-a-step-below-race-boot-power and generally-not-for-wimps category. It is tight and stiff and will probably require a trip to the bootfitter. But it will be worth it. The skier who will buy this boot (and word on the street is that it'll be a bargain if you can find it) is the guy who has a ripping boot that he doesn't really want to get rid of, but he knows the time is coming, and yet every boot he's tried on has left been too soft, too comfy, too weak. The fit is classic and traditional (and awesome) but with modern shell mold tweaks. It is stiff as hell and it doesn't really have much in the way of "features" other than a Velcro spoiler (which is sort of old school hard plastic) a power strap and a dual set of soles (one alpine and one rockered touring). Tester comments: "Fit and stance felt perfect. And power? Insane! I want this boot. But I'd have to re-paint it." "Excellent. Reminiscent of the legendary Nordica Grand Prix." "The best boot nobody knows about."