Scott G2 130 Powerfit (2016)

2016 Scott G2 130 Powerfit

Rating: / 5
Price: $700.00
Year: 2016
Gender: Female

We're not going to call the G2 an antique-it's completely modern in its last shape, construction and liner technology. But it sure as heck fits like performance boots of days past. Shorter than most, with a tighter toe box than most and a slightly more forward lean angle than most, it gave our testers a welcome blast of nostalgia. It's awesome. This boot swallows the foot and lower leg like a boa constrictor. The fit contours around the navicular, sixth toe and ankle bones are rubber-glove tight. The Ultralon PWR Fit liner is pre-molded, but we found a full cook job eased compression enough to gain an all-day fit. This boot skied as strong-or stronger-than any we tested. It's brick strong and nano-second quick. It is not a boot for racking up massive amounts of easy cruising vert. But serious skiers will appreciate its ability to drive at speed directly at the trickiest pockets on the slope ahead. It's built to adventure off-piste with a rubberized boot board, replaceable soles and a grippy mid-arch. Expect a stiff suspension.