Scott Punisher 110 (2017)


Rating: / 5
Price: $575.00
Year: 2017
Gender: Female
Waist Width: 110
Tip/Tail/Waist: 144-110-132
Lengths: 173, 183, 189

With its 110-mm waist and tighter sidecut radius, the Punisher 110 still surfs the deep stuff capably but offers a bit more short-turn quickness and all-conditions versatility than the ultra-wide Scrapper. Also a twin-tip, it has a bit more rocker than the 115-mm-waisted Scrapper; also a bit more heft than the Paulownia-cored Scrapper. At 2160 grams per ski (in the 189 cm length), the Punisher is the heaviest ski in the Scott collection, which gives it reassuring calm at high speeds. It's a wood-core laminate construction built for durability and high performance in deep snow, though vertical sidewalls give it a measure of hard-snow edginess as well. Fiberglass reinforcement, rather than metal, keeps it light and responsive in soft-snow conditions. Moderate rocker in both the tip and tail enhances buoyancy and shock-absorption in off-piste conditions while keeping it loose and surfy in deep snow. Scott's 3D Sidecut breaks the ski into three sections, with a straighter section underfoot and deeper sidecut radii in the tip and tail. This is designed to improve stability at speed and give the ski a playful easy-pivoting feel. The Scott brand was founded in 1958 when Sun Valley racer and ski-tuner Ed Scott developed the first tapered aluminum ski pole. It has grown into a multisport conglomerate (bike, wintersports, motosports, and running) based in Givisiez, Switzerland, with U.S. headquarters in Salt Lake City. It began making skis in 1998. It also makes poles, goggles, and boots. -J.C.