Scott Punisher (2015)


Rating: 2.50 / 5
Price: $
Year: 2015
Level: 3
Gender: Male
Waist Width: 106, 108, 110
Tip/Tail/Waist: n/a
Lengths: 173, 183, 189

Stability at speed: 2.37 / 5
Hard snow performance: 2.08 / 5
Crud performance: 3.08 / 5
Flotation: 3.61 / 5
Forgiveness: 2.26 / 5
Overall: 2.50 / 5

Though it's been updated over the years, the Punisher is a longstanding member of the Scott collection-an all-terrain twintip designed with plenty of rocker in the tip and tail. Its width changes with length, ranging from 104 mm to 110 mm in four different lengths (163 cm to 189 cm). The sidecut is unusual: there's a long section of straight sidecut underfoot, along with traditional sidecut in the tip and tail. The idea is to enhance stability at high speeds while preserving an easy-to-pivot feel. The construction is all wood core with no metal laminates. The Punisher was tested in the Mixed Snow West category. Here's what testers said: Todd Casey: "This skied better than I thought it would. It's predictable, a bit skiddy, but a perfect blend of new and old." Bob Gleason: "These skis are cool, calm, and collected. The punisher is a smoothie and easy to predict. The turn shape is well defined in a middle-of-the-road fashion. It enters the turn with ease and follows through in a well coached way." Sam Bass: "This is a crud destroyer! It's easy and smeary off trail and on groomed it makes big round turns. It's not quick but it's very secure and grippy." Dan Withey: "Easy and predictable. The tip rocker allows for easy turn initiation. It's a fun all-mountain ski, good for a lot of skiers." Scott Basso: "It handled the crud nicely and was stable at speeds with a bigger turn radius. It was not a lively ski, although it was damp."