ScottyBob's Telemark Skis Announces ProtoTent at A-Basin


April 27, 2005

Silverton, CO – ScottyBob’s Handcrafted Telemark Skis of Silverton, Colorado has announced an unprecedented 6-week prototype test at A-Basin beginning this weekend, and running every Friday through Sunday through June 5th.

The prototype testing is open to the public and telemark skiers of all ages and abilities are invited. The company will test 26 potential and current models of varying dimensions to hone in the product line for the 2005-2006 season. “After a very busy season we now have the opportunity to take a step forward and improve and expand our line of telemark skis. We are looking for feedback from a broad range of telemark skiers so we can offer the best skis possible, says ScottyBob, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer.

ScottyBob’s Handcrafted Skis offer skiers the only telemark specific design—a patented outside edge with its side cut shifted forward and shortened in the tail. This design helps skiers weight their rear ski more effectively for better carving and better edge hold. The design also improves transitions from turn to turn making turning quicker and easier. ScottyBob’s Skis are handmade in matched pairs from the finest materials available. For more information, visit their website at