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Seirus Gloves 2001-02

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Seirus Gloves 2001-02


Seirus returns with a design focussed more on technical materials that feature temperature-regulation or interchangeable components. Eleven new technical glove designs debut for 2001¿2002. The new Full Gamut ($50) is made of Neofleece insulation but has the advantage of interchangeable components to adjust for different any temperatures range. The second addition is the Empire Glove ($40), a gauntlet style Neofleece glove. The All Weather Glove collection consists of the Fleece All Weather Gauntlet ($35), the Nomad ($35), and the Ultra Sport All Weather Glove ($30). The Tri Fecta ($60) offers superior wrist protection, and the Pipe Glove ($40) is a lightweight alternative for those who live in the pipe.