Sierra Designs Flex Down Jacket

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Sierra Designs Flex Jacket

Wearing Sierra Designs' new Flex Down Jacket is like walking around in your comfiest, warmest sleeping bag, except you won't look half as silly. In fact, the goose down puffy incorporates Sierra's patented sleeping bag "Flex Technology," meaning the jacket moves with you while adapting to your shape to increase heat retention by reducing air space between you and your jacket. Fleece lined pockets up the cozy factor. 

Water repellent and tear resistant, the Flex Down Jacket comes with Sierra's "Condor Construction" in the sleeves to keep it from riding up. The shell is also eco-friendly, made from 100 percent recycled polyester. 

Men's colors: Vine, True Blue, Black and Brick (shown here)
Women's colors: Lilac, Aqua, Black and Cranberry

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