Ski Boot: Rossignol Soft

Rossignol boot rep SIA

Product Name:

Rossignol Soft 1/L, Soft 2/L

Sugested Retail Price: $549 (Soft 1/L), $499 (Soft 2/L)


What's New: Rossignol's new Soft boot incorporates their Cockpit frame with an elastomer flex-management device on the boot's stiff spine for support with a ridged sole and lateral reinforcement. The Soft 1 uses a leather wrapping structure with adjustable shaft-alignment, and the Soft 2 uses a Synthetic wrapping material.

Cool Factor: Rossignol claims that the technology behind their Soft boot provides enough support for all skiers with the exception of ski racers and extreme skiers. The top buckle integrates with a

Extra, Extra: With the advent of shaped skis Rossignol, and other manufacturers, believe forward flex no longer needs to be painfully stiff if the lateral support remains strong.

Word in the Shop: "There's no plastic deformation, so it's incredibly smooth and progressive and free-flexing," said George Couperthwait, product manager.