SKI Magazine Gear Tester - Chris "Slado" Slade

A twenty-five year veteran of boot fitting.
Chris Slado Slade

Chris "Slado" Slade

Name: Chris "Slado" Slade

Tests Participated in during 2018:

  • Comfort Boot Test in Vt.


  • 5'8", 195 lbs, 58 years old.

Home Mountain

  • Killington, Vt.

Skiing Background

After growing up skiing around Camillus, N.Y., Song, Labrador, and the Toggenburg Mountains, Slado has been a professional boot fitter for 25 years, including 20 years at Northern Ski Works. He's been a ski bum racer for 30 or so years, and spent 9 years sharpening and waxing skis during happy hour in a local bar ( "A good gig!"). He enjoys camping, hiking, and playing with old cars.

Professional Background

Slado taught a high school shop class for one year in 1986-87. During the off season he is a self-employed carpenter and has a B.S. in Industrial Arts Education from SUNY Oswego.

Years of Testing for SKI Magazine

  • 2 for SKI, 1 for Ski Press.

Skiing Style / Foot Shape

  • Prefers GS turns, carving hard. 
  • Foot measures 9 1/2 on Brannock Device, D Width, Arch Length measures 9. Overall volume is average compared to length and width.

Feedback from other Testers

  • "Chris 'Slado' Slade has been a Killington TV personality for 20 years or maybe more. He used to have a show called Killington After Dark, where he basically would just go from bar to bar to bar to night club each week and meet people, interview people, show people enjoying the Killington night life on the local tv channel. But then it got to the point where people started taking it too far and flashing their boobs all the time and they took Slado's show off the air. :-( He still doesn't some local TV work...but it's just not the same." - Tracy Beers

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