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SKI Magazine Gear Tester: Georgie Bremner

Meet the token Kiwi on SKI's gear testing team.
SKI Magazine Gear Tester Georgie Bremner

SKI Magazine Gear Tester Georgie Bremner

We haven't met a male ski tester yet who hasn't fallen for Georgie Bremner—either for her ripping skiing style or her Kiwi accent. Georgie hails from New Zealand but calls Aspen, Colo. home. She's been a staple of the SKI Test for at least eight years, and her many years of experience within the ski industry bring invaluable feedback to our Women's SKI Test debriefs. Her skiing resume includes such roles as manager of Aspen Snowmass' Buttermilk Ski and Ride School, PSIA Examiner, and member of the Divas, one of Aspen's competitive synchronized skiing teams. Georgie has had the good fortune to ski all around the world, including in China, so she's well versed in variable terrain and snow conditions. When Georgie isn't digging deep trenches on carving skis, she's teaching others how to in Aspen. 

What makes you qualified to test?: I ski with the consumer every day.

Ideal ski: Something that makes me feel confident to ski challenging lines without effort.

Favorite part of SKI Test: Hearing the debrief. Each tester has such great form, I love hearing why a ski I wasn't fussed about rocked their world. It makes me want to ski it again to see what missed.

What don't people know about the ski test?: That you have one lift ride to write everything you can about the ski you just tested. As much as possible, you avoid loading the lift with the public because they want to ask you 1,000 questions about what you are doing, which makes it tricky to write anything.

Why should people trust the SKI Test? There are a wide variety of skiers testing each category. We put the ski through its paces and honestly give our impression of performance. You can pick the person that has similar weight, height and attitude to you and feel confident that what they said will help you to make purchasing decisions.


  • Age: 46
  • Height: 5’4”
  • Weight: 140 lbs. 
  • Home mountain: Aspen Highlands, Colo. 
  • Avg. days per season: 51+

Skiing Style & Terrain Preference

Georgie Bremner at Taos SKI Test 2020

Georgie Bremner often graces the pages of SKI's Gear Issue thanks to her precise and athletic skiing form. 

  • Aggressive
  • Precise
  • Steeps with trees
  • Moguls
  • Powder

Ski Preference

  • Playful
  • Responsive and energetic
  • Good edge grip and stability at speed
  • Mid to large radius turns
  • Favorite ski from 2021 Ski Test: Nordica Santa Ana 110 Free and Blizzard Sheeva 10
2020 Blizzard Sheeva 10

2020 Blizzard Sheeva 10

"Depending on who I am skiing with, I change it up. If I'm skiing with 4-year-olds or beginners, I'm on a 130cm ski. If I'm with intermediates or skiing the frontside, I like a more versatile performer where carving is the bomb but smearing beautiful skidded turns is possible (many front side women's skis fit this bill). Steeps and bumps—I like a mid-fat ski that has a forgiving flex, allows me to start the turn where I want to, and adds some energy to turns. On cat or heli-skiing days, I like a fat ski that carves and smears. Finally, I always own a slalom ski, as they remind me what I need to do to be on a ski of consequence."  

Georgie's Gear

  • Skis: Elan Ripstick 94; "It has a softer flex that suits how many bumps I ski, allows me to feather turn entry on the steeps, engages on command, and is brilliant to carve on piste."
Elan Ripstick 94 W

2020 Elan Ripstick 94 W

Snow Eagle Heated Ski Boot Bag

Snow Eagle Heated Boot Bag

  • Boots: Dalbello DRS 130 
  • Favorite accessory: Snow Eagle Heated Boot Bag; "This hot bag is the shizat. It carries everything. I get made fun of carrying it, but putting on warm boots is my high maintenance daily expectation."
  • Biggest gear epiphany: "A ski tune makes or breaks your day. Get recommendations for ski tuning shops in your area and have that tuner work on your skis to get them dialed." 


SKI Test 2020 Taos

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