SKI Magazine Gear Tester - Jessi Hackett

Warren Miller Entertainment's Marketing Manager has a background in freestyle and backcountry skiing.
Jessi Hackett

Jessi somewhere in Colorado.

Name: Jessi Hackett

Tests Participated in during 2018:

  • Indie SKI Test at Loveland, Colo.
  • Backcountry SKI Test in Colo.


  • 5'2", 117 lbs, 27 years old.

Home Mountain

Skiing Background

Jessi was born on Colorado's Western Slope and she grew up skiing Telluride. After moving to the Front Range as a kid, Winter Park became her home mountain. While in school at University of Colorado, she skied on the Freestyle Ski Team her freshman year. Jessi has participated in a handful of SkiMo races, enjoys backcountry skiing and travels around the American west to ski and explore other resorts. Aside from skiing, she's a lover of mountain biking, running, cooking and reading. 

Professional Background

Currently, Jessi is the Marketing & Content Manager at Warren Miller Entertainment, plus she is a freelance writer for SKI Magazine and local lifestyle publications. 

Years of Testing for SKI Magazine

  • 5

Skiing Style

  • A freestyle skier who loves bumps and back bowls.

Opinions about Fellow Testers

  • "Photographer/tester Keri Bascetta skis with a giant backpack filled with camera equipment and still manages to be a better skier than I will ever be. "

Favorite Gear of 2019