SKI Magazine Gear Tester: Luke Larsen

The owner of The Lifthouse Ski Shop grew up in the Cottonwood Canyons.
Luke Larsen in Deer Valley, Utah

SKI Tester Luke Larsen

Luke was born and raised in the Cottonwood Canyons, home of Snowbird, Alta, Brighton, and Solitude. When he was 4, Luke's father would take him to work at the The Wood Haus Ski Shop at Brighton. The Mary’s Chair was his daycare and he was watched after by the lifties. He moved over to Snowbird when he was 6 years old to join the race team and continued to race until he was 19. He then dabbled in both big mountain and skiercross when he stopped chasing gates. Being a Snowbird boy, Luke loves deep snow, but getting out on a pair of World Cup GS skis still puts a huge smile on his face. Two of Luke's kids are now members of the Snowbird Ski Team. 

Luke now owns and operates The Lifthouse Ski Shop with his brother Zac. They are passing on the passion for snow and mountains to the next Larsen generation.


  • Height: 5'7"
  • Weight: 187 lbs.
  • Age: 38
  • Average days per season: 51+
  • Home mountain: Snowbird, Utah

Skiing Style & Terrain Preference

Luke Larsen SKI Test Taos

Luke Larsen charges the slopes of Taos during SKI Test. 

  • Agressive
  • Athletic
  • Longer radius turns
  • Off-piste
  • Powder

Ski Preference

  • Stiff
  • Damp
  • Stable at speed
  • Skis with metal 
  • Longer lengths
  • Favorite ski from 2020 SKI Test: FRNT MSP 107

"I do come from a race background so the skis I like best are the bigger, damp skis. I prefer to be able to get out over the front of the ski at speed and have the ski still feel stable and quiet, so I tend to find myself on skis that have a few sheets of metal in them. Throughout the test I always grab the longer lengths of skis, because that's what I ski in my personal quiver. "

Luke's Gear 

  • Skis: Rossignol Sender TI; "It's a great ski for Snowbird and I love the stiffer tail they put in this year that really calms it down at speed through variable terrain."
2021 Rossignol  Sender  TI

The 2021 Rossignol Sender TI is part of Rossignol's new and expanded Black Ops line. 

It's already available on Amazon: Rossignol Sender TI

  • Ski boots: Head Raptor 140; "I'm like the little guy with a big truck. It helps my ego to know I'm skiing a stiffer boot than you." 
2019 Head Raptor 140 RS

2019 Head Raptor 140 RS

  • Outerwear: Spyder Freeski kit; "I'm always a shell guy and have recently gone back to a bib pant and love them. I like bright colors so my kids can always see me on the hill."
SKI Editor's Choice Gear 2019, SPYDER Norwand Bib

SKI Editor's Choice Gear 2019, SPYDER Norwand Bib

  • Gear epiphany: "Even though I like stiffer skis, the softer, poppy skis are a lot of fun. I love skiing around on a poppy, rockered, soft ski through trees and on warm spring days. I don't like to pigeon-hole myself into one type of ski all the time anymore. The lesson: Get out and try different skis, all of the different styles can be a lot of fun." 

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