SKI Magazine Gear Tester - Luke Larsen

The owner of The Lifthouse Ski Shop grew up in the Cottonwood Canyons.

Name: Luke Larsen

Luke Larsen in Deer Valley, Utah

Luke Larsen

Tests Participated in during 2018:


  • 5'10", 205 lbs, 37 years old.

Home Mountain

Skiing Background

Luke was born and raised in the Cottonwood Canyons, home of Snowbird, Alta, Brighton, and Solitude. When he was 4, Luke's father would take him to work at the The Wood Haus Ski Shop at Brighton. The Mary’s Chair was his daycare and he was watched after by the lifties. He moved over to Snowbird when he was 6 years old to join the race team and continued to race until he was 19. He then dabbled in both big mountain and skiercross when he stopped chasing gates. Being a Snowbird boy, Luke loves deep snow, but getting out on a pair of World Cup GS skis still puts a huge smile on his face. Luke's two daughters are now members of the Snowbird Ski Team. 

Professional Background

Luke now owns and operates The Lifthouse Ski Shop with his brother Zac. They are passing on the passion for snow and mountains to the next Larsen generation.

Years of Testing for SKI Magazine

  • About 10 years, but missed a few due to injury.

Skiing Style

  • "I am not the skinniest spoon in the drawer so I like to get out over the front of the ski and drive it. Even fat skis I like to see how far out away I can get them. I appreciate a playful ski as well, but with my background I generally prefer the stiffer skis."

Opinions about Fellow Testers

  • "I am always in awe of the ability Mark Elling has to charge all week not only on the snow but the off snow activities as well. He never seems to miss a beat even and stays sharp with an amazingly small amount of sleep. The technical perfection of Mr. Rogan is easily noticeable. Jon Jay's ability to heard a room full of cats and still some how test all the skis. Bob Gleason has the ability to articulate everything he feels in a ski. The one and only Todd Casey to keep the test light with his story telling and daily jokes."

Favorite Gear of 2019