SKI Magazine Gear Tester - Todd Casey

The Unofficial Mayor of Copper Mountain has tested skis for almost two decades.

Name: Todd Casey

Todd Casey at Deer Valley

Todd Casey at Deer Valley

Tests Participated in during 2018:


  • 6'3", 210 lbs of beer drinking goodness, 49 years old.

Home Mountain

Skiing Background

Todd grew up in Rye, NH, where he skied Sugarloaf from 4 years old through college. He also skied all over New England, and spent seasons in Sun Valley, Idaho, and Cardrona Alpine Resort in New Zealand.  He has spend the last 27 years working for Copper Mountain in Colorado.

Professional Background

Currently, Todd is getting ready to spend is 27th season at Copper Mountain as a staff trainer and ski instructor. Before that, he attended the University of Maine Farmington Ski Industries Program and Secondary Education, instructed at Cardrona Alpine Resort in New Zealand, Sugarloaf USA ski school, and did lift ops for Sun Valley in '88.

Years of Testing for SKI Magazine

  • 18 or 19 (one less than Rogan)

Skiing Style / Foot Shape

  • "Grew up skiing firm East Coast conditions, spent most of the last 30 years skiing Colorado and Utah. People tell me that my small turns aren't small, prefer speed to slow, steep and ungroomed over tight trees and bumps. Love me some powder, but who doesn't? Really like skiing in the middle of a good storm."

Opinions about Fellow Testers

  • "My fellow testers are a pretty amazing bunch, the amount of knowledge and passion in this team is inspiring, Timmy Dyer is in so many photos and on your news feeds because he is constantly hiking, slogging and busting his butt to ski something cool. Mike Rogan is an encyclopedia of technical knowledge, but is always willing to listen to a different theory. The boot guys Gleason, Schiller and Elling live for that s**t and are always willing to help. Nate Miller is our esteemed ski tech is a world class single speed mountain bike racer. Let's not forget the girls, there's been more than once I've seen a pair of ladies race boots close up going by me at head height through the trees or off a cornice accompanied by some mad giggling. They rip and look good doing it."

Favorite Gear of 2019