SKI Magazine Gear Tester: Todd Casey

The unofficial mayor of Copper Mountain has tested skis for almost two decades.
Todd Casey at Deer Valley

Todd Casey at Deer Valley

Todd Casey grew up in Rye, N.H. and started skiing at Sugarloaf at just 4 years old. A professional ski instructor with 30 years' of experience, he's skied all over New England and spent seasons in Sun Valley, Idaho, and Cardrona Alpine Resort in New Zealand. Throughout his career, Todd's mission has been to show people the wonder of being outside in the mountains, whether it be with family on green runs or on top of a peak taking int he vista before some deep powder turns. Todd is now gearing up for his 29th season at Copper Mountain as a staff trainer and ski instructor. 


  • Height: 6'3"
  • Weight: 210 lbs of beer drinking goodness
  • Age: 50
  • Years testing for SKI: 20?
  • Avg. days per season: 150
  • Home mountain: Copper Mountain, Colo.

Skiing Style & Terrain Preference

  • Medium-radius turns
  • Likes to carry speed 
  • Steeps and ungroomed
  • Wide open bowls 

"I grew up skiing firm East Coast conditions but spent most of the last 30 years skiing Colorado and Utah. People tell me that my small turns aren't small, I prefer speed to slow, steep and ungroomed over tight trees and bumps. Love me some powder, but who doesn't? Really like skiing in the middle of a good storm."

"Terrain-wise, my friends will tell you I don't love big bumps or tons of short turns, probably the result of having grown up skiing a larger Eastern mountain and living in the Rockies. Steep and ungroomed or wide open spaces make me happy."

Ski Preference

2021 Völkl Mantra 102 Men's All-Mountain Wide Ski

The Völkl Mantra 102 was entered into the men's All-Mountain category of SKI Test. 

Todd's Gear 


Rossignol Black Ops 98 (192cm length): "I like a longer turn radius which this ski has for open spaces, but the slight early rise in the tip and tail allow for maneuverability underfoot. This waist width makes for a good everyday ski for the Rockies where I live.

Rossignol Black Ops 92

Rossignol Black Ops 98

Ski boot

Rossignol Hero 130: "Lots of power and performance with this boot. A little caveat though—I would ski a softer all-mountain boot of 120 flex or even 110 flex if I didn't ski close to 150 days a year and have the height and weight I carry."

Rossignol Hero 130 Ski Boot

Rossignol Hero 130


  • Helly Hansen professional series kits; "I've got a lot of ski clothing but seem to default to this gear. I like slightly insulated outerwear as I live at 9,700', but I have a lighter weight shell that is killer too. I mainly wear bright colors, but go with something more subdued if I'm skiing solo and just want to put down the miles."
Helly Hansen Men's Garibaldi Jacket & Pants

Helly Hansen Garibaldi Jacket and Pants

  • Favorite accessories: POC Obex or Poc Auric Cut helmet and Darn Tough ski socks

Biggest gear epiphany

"Visit a reputable boot fitter and get the appropriate boot for your skills and needs, then find a ski shop and do the same to find the right pair of skis for you. Use your local brick and mortar retailers, the staff are passionate and knowledgeable and are usually working there for the love and betterment of the sport. I can tell you it's not because they're getting rich doing it."

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Völkl Mantra 102
Rossignol Black Ops 98
Helly Hansen Garibaldi Jacket
Darn Tough Merino Wool Ski Sock

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"Mike Britt. We're both solid guys that ski similar terrain for a living and need a strong platform in variable snow that will still arc on a groomer. That said, I'd love to take a little piece of so many of my co testers' skiing to incorporate into mine. Mike Rogan is an encyclopedia of technical knowledge, but is always willing to listen to a different theory. The boot guys Gleason, Schiller and Elling live for that s**t and are always willing to help. Let's not forget the girls—more than once I've seen a pair of lady's race boots close up going by me at head height through the trees or off a cornice accompanied by some mad giggling. They rip and look good doing it."


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