SKI Magazine Gear Tester - Tracy Beers

An entrepreneur with years of experience in the ski industry.
Tracy Beers, somewhere in the American northeast.

Tracy Beers, somewhere in the American northeast.

Name: Tracy Beers

Tests Participated in during 2018:

  • Comfort Boot Test in Vt.


  • 5'3", 165 lbs, 49 years old.

Home Mountain

Skiing Background

Tracy grew up skiing and snowboarding in eastern Pennsylvania, but has skied all over the United States and lived in Vermont for the last 10 years. In the last few years she's really been enjoying skinning and skiing the new backcountry trails in the area that were created through a collaboration of the US Forest Service and the Rochester/Randolph Area Sports Trail Alliance (RASTA). Tracy actively participates with RASTA in planning, funding and trail work. Besides skiing and snowboarding, she loves to mountain bike and whitewater kayak. 

Professional Background

Currently, Tracy does freelance marketing for the brands, reps and retailers in the snowsports industry. She builds websites and performs search engine optimization, email marketing and social media marketing at her company, Snow Sports Marketing. Prior to striking out on her own, she did all of these things in addition to buying for a ski shop (Peak Performance Ski Shop in Killington, Vt.) for 8 years. In her past life, she was a swimwear buyer in Key West and owned a women's sports and fitness shop in Pennsylvania.

Years of Testing for SKI Magazine

  • 1

Skiing Style / Foot Shape

  • "My skiing style is intermediate to advanced. Most of my life I spent snowboarding. Starting about 10 years ago I started skiing more and more each year (as I was expected to test all the skis for our shop!) These days I split my time almost evenly between skiing and snowboarding. Despite the fact that I split my days between skiing and snowboarding, I am a strong and relatively aggressive skier because I ski with a bunch of really good guy skiers all the time."
  • "My foot is wide and I have a high instep. Relatively normal arch, that has fallen slightly. My foot is somewhere between a high volume and a normal volume. The boots I own are 99 and 100 lasted boots."

Opinions about Fellow Testers

  • "Chris 'Slado' Slade has been a Killington TV personality for 20 years or maybe more. He used to have a show called Killington After Dark, where he basically would just go from bar to bar to bar to night club each week and meet people, interview people, show people enjoying the Killington night life on the local tv channel. But then it got to the point where people started taking it too far and flashing their boobs all the time and they took Slado's show off the air. :-( He still doesn't some local TV work...but it's just not the same."

Favorite Gear of 2019

  • Comfort Boot Test: K2 BFC 90. "My favorite boot tested for the comfort category, nails it on the head for that type of consumer.