All-Mountain Skis

The 15 Best Women’s All-Mountain Skis

These skis are designed from their cores out to deliver the perfect balance of edge control and playfulness.


No groomer is too firm, no tree chute too narrow, and no bumps too big for the best all-mountain ski. A wider waist and more tip rocker make these skis party in the front, business underfoot.

  • Who: Ladies looking for one pair of planks to do it all, and do it all well
  • What: Versatile skis with a little more underfoot and tip rocker to help them tackle all terrain and all snow conditions
  • Where: Wherever the heck you please
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BEST IN TEST: Head Kore 93 W

2021 Head Kore 93 W Women's Best in Test All-Mountain Ski
The 2021 Head Kore 93 W Women’s Best in Test All-Mountain SkiPhoto courtesy of Head

Last year the Kore 99 Wd stole her spotlight, but this year the Kore 93 W got her due as testers heralded it as the All-Mountain category-defining ski. Still featuring Head’s innovative construction of graphene, KOROYD, and caruba wood, this ski delivers top-of-the-line performance all over the mountain without forcing you to work for it, making it easy, quick, and forgiving for ladies of all abilities. Set it, forget it, and just enjoy the ride. Northrop: “Don’t need to think about anything but having fun. Transitions from off-piste to on-piste without missing a beat.”

2021 Head Kore 93 W Factsheet

  • Overall Rating: 4.20/5
  • Available Lengths (In Centimeters): 153, 162, 171
  • Tip-Waist-Tail Dimensions (In Millimeters): 130-91-113
  • Turn Radius (In Meters): 15.4 (171 cm length)
  • MSRP: $750

Elan Ripstick 94 W

The 2021 Elan Ripstick 94 W Women's All-Mountain Ski
The 2021 Elan Ripstick 94 W Women’s All-Mountain SkiPhoto courtesy of Elan

This favorite from last year got a major construction overhaul to make it lighter underfoot while boosting its overall performance. Elan’s new Amphibio Carbon Line technology includes carbon mesh reinforcement for added stability and carbon rods inserted around the perimeter of the wood core for a playful rebound. A new tip and tail profile also makes turn initiation easier. Testers crowned the new Ripstick the zippiest ski in this category—as lively as last year, now more accessible to intermediates. Gleason: “Like the best mullet. Serious in the front, party in the back.”

2021 Elan Ripstick 94 W Factsheet

  • Overall Rating: 4.17/5
  • Available Lengths (In Centimeters): 146, 154, 162, 170, 178
  • Tip-Waist-Tail Dimensions (In Millimeters): 136-94-110
  • Turn Radius (In Meters): 15 (162 cm length)
  • MSRP:  $750

Nordica Santa Ana 98

The 2021 Nordica Santa Ana 98 Women's All-Mountain Ski
The 2021 Nordica Santa Ana 98 Women’s All-Mountain SkiPhoto courtesy of Nordica

Need an all-mountain ride that will also keep you afloat on those surprise snow days? Ask and ye shall receive. Featuring Nordica’s new TrueTip design that removes heavy materials from the shovel, this ski earned the highest marks for Flotation in the category. But Nordica’s Terrain Specific Metal also makes this ski a high-speed carver and crud-buster. Now that the ski has only one instead of two layers of metal, testers agreed it’s more versatile and forgives some—but not all—user errors. Gleason: “More energetic and playful than its predecessor.”

Watch: SKI Reviews – Nordica Santa Ana Family

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2021 Nordica Santa Ana 98 Factsheet

  • Overall Rating: 4.11/5
  • Available Lengths (In Centimeters): 151, 158, 165, 172, 179
  • Tip-Waist-Tail Dimensions (In Millimeters): 131-98-118
  • Turn Radius (In Meters): 15.6 (165 cm length)
  • MSRP: $800

Salomon Stance W 94

The Salomon Stance W 94 Women's All-Mountain Ski
The Salomon Stance W 94 Women’s All-Mountain SkiPhoto courtesy of Salomon

The all-new Stance W 94 scored top marks in Stability at Speed while also ranking high in Playfulness. Our ladies loved this ski’s blend of dependability and responsiveness, a result of the ski’s Metal Twinframe technology and Titanal construction paired with a poppy caruba/poplar core. This specific blend makes the Stance W 94 an inspiring all-mountain charger that will take strong intermediates to the next level, but also appease hard-charging chicks. Barnes: “A solid performer that welcomes you to bring your A-Game, yet isn’t so burly that it demands brute strength.”

2021 Salomon Stance W 94 Factsheet

  • Overall Rating: 4.06/5
  • Available Lengths (In Centimeters): 154, 161, 168, 174
  • Tip-Waist-Tail Dimensions (In Millimeters): 124-94-106
  • Turn Radius (In Meters): 18 (161 cm length)
  • MSRP: $800

Stöckli Nela 88

The Stöckli Nela 88 Women's All-Mountain Ski
The Stöckli Nela 88 Women’s All-Mountain SkiPhoto courtesy of Stöckli

The narrowest ski in this category proved to have one of the biggest personalities. Testers gushed about the Nela 88’s responsiveness, a trait it comes by thanks to its Super Light Core and Stöckli’s Softflex and Solid Metal Edge Light technologies. It positively hums with energy and bounds from edge to edge on groomers, delighting the ex-racers among our test crew. Strong skiers will call the Nela 88 a versatile all-mountain ride that can tackle any terrain, but cruisier skiers may find this ski hard to command anywhere but on the ’roy. Bremner: “For the pro chasing the perfect turn.”

2021 Stöckli Nela 88 Factsheet

  • Overall Rating: 4.01/5
  • Available Lengths (In Centimeters): 152, 160, 168
  • Tip-Waist-Tail Dimensions (In Millimeters): 127-88-113
  • Turn Radius (In Meters): 15 (160 cm lentgth)
  • MSRP: $999

Blizzard Black Pearl 97

The 2021 Blizzard Black Pearl 97 Women's All-Mountain Ski
The 2021 Blizzard Black Pearl 97 Women’s All-Mountain SkiPhoto courtesy of Blizzard

Tester confession: Over the years, this wider-waisted Black Pearl has been a smooth and dependable ride, especially on groomers, but, TBH, somewhat of a one-trick pony. But this year, Blizzard updates her core with its new TrueBlend technology to optimize her flex so she adjusts and responds better to variable snow conditions. The result? A more energetic Black Pearl than we’ve seen in the past, though she still prefers athletic skiers inclined to let her rip. Gleason: “Hits all the senses like a full-bodied red wine: well-rounded from the beginning of the turn through the finish.”

2021 Blizzard Black Pearl 97 Factsheet

  • Overall Rating: 4.01/5
  • Available Lengths (In Centimeters): 153, 159, 165, 171, 177
  • Tip-Waist-Tail Dimensions (In Millimeters): 136.5-97-118.5
  • Turn Radius (In Meters): 15 (165 cm length)
  • MSRP: $840


The 2021 4FRNT MSP CC Women's All-Mountain Ski
The 2021 4FRNT MSP CC Women’s Best Value All-Mountain SkiPhoto courtesy of 4FRNT

The MSP CC has been around long enough now (and won enough awards) that our testers are acutely aware of how awesome this indy-turned-mainstream ski is. Unchanged from last year, the MSP CC ranked No. 1 in Crud Performance and No. 2 in Quickness. Its crud-crushing tendencies can be attributed to the Titanal laminate that surrounds a poplar core and a gradual rocker rise, which allow the ski to plow through chunky snow while smoothing out the ride. Testers also love this ski outside of the crud, praising its stability and versatility. Krause: “Both lively and stable.”


2021 4FRNT MSP CC Factsheet

  • Overall Rating: 3.96/5
  • Available Lengths (In Centimeters): 159, 165, 171
  • Tip-Waist-Tail Dimensions (In Millimeters): 132-99-121
  • Turn Radius (In Meters): 16 (165 cm length)
  • MSRP: $579

Atomic Vantage 90 Ti W

The 2021 Atomic Vantage 90 Ti W Women's All-Mountain Ski
The 2021 Atomic Vantage 90 Ti W Women’s All-Mountain SkiPhoto courtesy of Atomic

East Coasters, step right up. This narrower-waisted all-mountain ski was made to give you the stability and edge grip you crave for your hardpack, but thanks to its all-mountain rocker profile, it will also tackle crud with a steady hand. A poplar wood core makes it feel light underfoot, though testers wished it also gave the ski more energy. Instead, Atomic’s Titanium Tank Mesh in the construction adds a torsional stiffness that saps some of the ski’s pizzazz. Alas, the price you pay for stability and predictability. Gibbons: “For the gal who spends the majority of her time on the groomers.”

2021 Atomic Vantage 90 Ti W Factsheet

  • Overall Rating: 3.91/5
  • Available Lengths (In Centimeters): 153, 161, 169
  • Tip-Waist-Tail Dimensions (In Millimeters): 126-90-112.5
  • Turn Radius (In Meters): 17.6 (169 cm length)
  • MSRP: $725

Armada Trace 98

The 2021 Armada Trace 98 Women's All-Mountain Ski
The 2021 Armada Trace 98 Women’s All-Mountain SkiPhoto courtesy of Armada

We thought we liked the Trace series last year just the way it was. But then we got on the new Trace 98 featuring caruba instead of poplar in the core, and testers crowned the new version the most playful all-mountain ski in all the land. The new Trace 98 is poppy and quick off-piste, but for a lightweight ski designed for the backcountry, surprisingly smooth and stable at high speeds thanks to rubber/Titanal pads that absorb chatter underfoot. Harkins: “Seriously fun. A stiffer ski that can nuke turns but is also playful in soft snow and crud.”

2021 Armada Trace 98 Factsheet

  • Overall Rating: 3.91/5
  • Available Lengths (In Centimeters): 156, 164, 172
  • Tip-Waist-Tail Dimensions (In Millimeters): 127-98-119
  • Turn Radius (In Meters): 17 (164 cm lenght
  • MSRP: $825

Völkl Blaze 94 W

The 2021 Völkl Blaze 94 W Women's All-Mountain Ski
The 2021 Völkl Blaze 94 W Women’s All-Mountain Ski Photo courtesy of Völkl

The Blaze 94 W represents a new direction for Völkl, a brand best known for producing stiff skis more suited to charging groomers and crud than playing in the bumps and trees. The new Blaze 94 W, however, has a livelier personality and more forgiving nature courtesy of the ski’s new hybrid multilayer wood core. Testers found they could ski it like a traditional Völkl ski, i.e. high edge angles at high speed, but appreciated this new ski’s agility and willingness to also skid turns in tight places. Hackett: “Balanced ski with a knack for hardpack. Flirtier than anticipated.”

2021 Völkl Blaze 94 W Factsheet

  • Overall Rating: 3.88/5
  • Available Lengths (In Centimeters): 158, 165, 172
  • Tip-Waist-Tail Dimensions (In Millimeters): 134-94-116
  • Turn Radius (In Meters): 14 (165 cm length)
  • MSRP: $650

K2 Mindbender 98Ti Alliance

The 2021 K2 Mindbender 98Ti Alliance Women's All-Mountain Ski
The 2021 K2 Mindbender 98Ti Alliance Women’s All-Mountain SkiPhoto courtesy of K2

New last year, the women’s Mindbender 98Ti has improved like a fine wine. The construction hasn’t changed—it still features K2’s Titanal Y-Beam which optimizes torsional and longitudinal flex, enhancing performance and stability underfoot. This year, ladies described the ski as spunky-yet-solid and awarded it top marks in Forgiveness. Seems like this year, our girls just wanted to have fun, and this ski delivered. Gleason: “’Mindbender’: A thing that radically and suddenly affects ones thinking and perception. This ski made all-mountain skiing a blast.”

2021 K2 Mindbender 98Ti Alliance

  • Overall Rating: 3.87/5
  • Available Lengths (In Centimeters): 154, 161, 168, 175
  • Tip-Waist-Tail Dimensions (In Millimeters): 134-98-120
  • Turn Radius (In Meters): 15.6 (168 cm length)
  • MSRP: $850

Liberty Evolv 90w

The 2021 Liberty Evolv 90w Women's All-Mountain Ski
The 2021 Liberty Evolv 90w Women’s All-Mountain SkiPhoto courtesy of Liberty

The overriding comment on Liberty’s new ski for women was about its unique blend of playfulness and stability. These characteristics are a result of Liberty’s new VMT construction—a hybrid wood core of poplar, bamboo, and paulownia combined with carbon stringers to create a ski that’s simultaneously poppy and stiff. Testers liked how this combo skied in the bumps and crud especially, but also noted the Evolv90w could be trusted on groomers as long as it wasn’t kicked into fifth gear. Northrop: “Good times all over the mountain. Lets you drive and adapts to your beat.”

2021 Liberty Evolv90w

  • Overall Rating: 3.81/5
  • Available Lengths (In Centimeters): 151, 158, 165, 172
  • Tip-Waist-Tail Dimensions (In Millimeters): 132-90-115
  • Turn Radius (In Meters): 14 (158)
  • MSRP: $750

Dynastar M Pro 90 W

The 2021 Dynastar M Pro 90 W Women's All-Mountain Ski
The 2021 Dynastar M Pro 90 W Women’s All-Mountain SkiPhoto courtesy of Dynastar

Some ladies struggled to locate the sweet spot on the M Pro 90 W, the middle child of Dynastar’s new freeride line for women featuring a hybrid poplar/PU core and Titanal. But those who did loved the ski’s bouncy energy—especially in the bumps and in short turns—saying it reminded them of a traditional slalom ski. All ladies agreed, though, that it takes a strong skier to make this ski perform in variable snow conditions. Bremner: “Explosive, launched me from turn to turn. Had to step up and pay attention. Loved them in the bumps as they held a great arc and also smeared.”

2021 Dynastar M Pro 90 W Factsheet

  • Overall Rating: 3.77/5
  • Available Lengths (In Centimeters): 152, 164, 170
  • Tip-Waist-Tail Dimensions (In Millimeters): 118-88-108
  • Turn Radius (In Meters): 13
  • MSRP: $700

Rossignol Black Ops Blazer

The 2021 Rossignol Black Ops Blazer Women's All-Mountain Ski
The 2021 Rossignol Black Ops Blazer Women’s All-Mountain SkiPhoto courtesy of Rossignol

Looking for a good time? Dial 1-800-Blazer. There wasn’t a tester who didn’t have fun on this ski, calling it an amiable playmate just about everywhere on the mountain. While they certainly didn’t have to, ladies found they could pressure the Blazer to step up its game and it willingly obliged. With a metal mounting plate but no metal in the core, the Blazer isn’t as comfortable in the crud or powder as her big sister, the Rallybird Ti, but the lighter swing weight makes her more accessible to intermediates. Bremner: “Learn to explore more of the mountain on this ski.”

2021 Rossignol Black Ops Blazer Factsheet

  • Overall Rating: 3.69/5
  • Available Lengths (In Centimeters): 160, 170
  • Tip-Waist-Tail Dimensions (In Millimeters): 131-98-121
  • Turn Radius (In Meters): 16 (160 cm length)
  • MSRP: $800

Scott Slight 93 W

The 2021 Scott Slight 93w Women's All-Mountain Ski
The 2021 Scott Slight 93 W Women’s All-Mountain SkiPhoto courtesy of Scott

Testers quickly learned the new Slight 93 W is not as “slight” as advertised—at least, not when it comes to performance. Ladies were leery of the shorter length options, assuming they wouldn’t be able to really drive this ski, but the Slight 93 W ended up impressing with its willingness to tackle any terrain and conditions. Scott’s new air-channeled wood core technology and 3Dimension sidecut make this ski easy to turn on a dime, and testers loved how it slithered through bumps. Robinson: “Ripping short turns. Fun for an expert but will also coddle a newbie.”

2021 Scott Slight 93 W Factsheet

  • Overall Rating: 3.61/5
  • Available Lengths (In Centimeters): 155, 160, 165
  • Tip-Waist-Tail Dimensions (In Millimeters): 132-89-120
  • Turn Radius (In Meters): 14 (165 cm length)
  • MSRP: $800

People Also Ask

What is the best women’s all-mountain skis for 2020?

  1. Head Kore 93 W
  2. Elan Ripstick 94 W
  3. Nordica Santa Ana 98
  4. Salomon Stance W 94
  5. Stöckli Nela 88
  6. Blizzard Black Pearl 98
  8. Atomic Vantage 90 Ti W
  9. Armada Trace 98
  10. Völkl Blaze 94 W
  11. K2 Mindbender 98Ti Alliance
  12. Liberty Evolv 90w
  13. Dynastar M Pro 90 W
  14. Rossignol Black Ops Blazer
  15. Scott Slight 93 W

What size skis should I buy?

Women-specific skis generally come in lengths between 150cm-175cm. While women are usually coached to buy shorter skis because they will be lighter and easier to turn, the idea that women should be skiing short skis is outdated. Ski length should depend on your height, skiing style, and the sidecut of the ski—not your gender.

Women should be on skis that are at least as long as they are tall. If the ski has minimal tip and tail rocker and therefore more effective edge, intermediate women may want a slightly shorter ski because it will make turn initiation easier. If the ski has significant tip and/or tail rocker and therefore less effective edge, advanced women skiers will want a ski that’s longer than they are tall.

Along with the ski’s profile, turn radius often affects how quick or maneuverable the ski is. Intermediate skiers should look for a ski with a shorter turn radius (12m-15m) as it will be more responsive, while more advanced skiers who like to ski wider turns at speed may want a ski with a longer turn radius (15-18m).

What is the difference between a groomer ski and a narrow all-mountain ski?

Groomer skis, also referred to as on-piste skis, frontside recreational skis, or carver skis, tend to have narrower waist widths than all-mountain skis (between 70mm-85mm). These skis are designed to perform primarily on groomed terrain and for skiers with a more traditional skiing style—that is, skiers who can edge their turns and carve.

All-mountain narrow skis, on the other hand, are more versatile than strict groomer skis thanks to a wider waist and tip (sometimes also tail) rocker. All-mountain skis are jacks-of-all-trades, at home on groomed terrain but also designed to handle bumps and off-piste crud. They generally also tend to be more forgiving than narrower, piste-oriented skis because most have a rockered profile and therefore a shorter effective edge, making it easier to initiate turns and slide or pivot turns rather than carve.

The 12 Best Women’s All-Mountain Skis of 2020

Lynn Kennen at Taos SKI Test 2020
Tester Lynn Kennen at SKI Test in Taos, N.M.Photo credit: Keri Bascetta

Not too narrow, not too wide, but juuuust right. These all-mountain skis are for ladies looking for a monogamous relationship with one ski. They made to succeed in the groomers, trees, crud—you name it. They are the most versatile skis on the market.

BEST IN TEST: 2020 Fischer My Ranger 96 TI

2020 Fischer My Ranger 96 TI
The 2020 Best in Test all-mountain Fischer My Ranger 96 TI.Photo courtesy of Fischer

Blizzard Black Pearl, step aside—there’s a new queen of the hill. The My Ranger 96 TI earned top scores in the two most telling skill departments of all-mountain skis—balance of skills and crud performance. A beefy core of poplar wood and Titanal makes the ski damp and predictable at speed on groomers, but a carbon inlay in the rockered shovel lightens the ski’s load, making it easy to turn and floaty in everything from chop to pow. Said tester Robin Barnes: “Right out of the silk market in Beijing—silky and smooth.”

2020 Fischer My Ranger 96 TI Factsheet

  • Overall Rating: 4.31 / 5
  • Tip / Waist / Tail (In Millimeters): 128-95-120
  • Lengths (In Centimeters): 158, 166, 174
  • Radius (In Meters): 17
  • MSRP: $700 [BUY NOW]

2020 Nordica Santa Ana 93

2020 Nordica Santa Ana 93
The 2020 Nordica Santa Ana 93.Photo courtesy of Nordica

Testers expect certain qualities from a Nordica ski: a ski that performs equally well on groomers and in the crud; a sturdy feel with a reliable flex pattern; and a ski that prefers long arcs and high speeds. The Santa Ana 93 displays those characteristics to a T. With a moderate, all-mountain rocker profile and a Titanal/ carbon-reinforced balsa core, the Santa Ana 93 is a charger at heart, but makes some concessions to allow advanced intermediates to enjoy the ride. Kennen: “Fun, fast ski for a ripper.”

2020 Nordica Santa Ana 93 Factsheet

  • Overall Rating: 4.24 / 5
  • Tip / Waist / Tail (In Millimeters): 124-93-112
  • Lengths (In Centimeters): 153, 161, 169, 177
  • Radius (In Meters): 15.5
  • MSRP: $750 [BUY NOW]

2020 Head Kore 93 W

2020 Head Kore 93 W
The all-new Head Kore 93 W for 2020.Photo courtesy of Head

Head has set a new standard in ski construction with its KORE technology that’s so forgiving women everywhere are in danger of being spoiled for life. Combining graphene, Koroyd, and a lightweight yet dense karuba wood core, this ski is poppy and maneuverable in bumps and crud, but also holds its own on the groomers. The narrow-waisted sister of the Head Kore 99 W, the 93 W gets major props for how accessible it is to women of all abilities. Gleason: “This ski can complement any type of skier.”

2020 Head Kore 93 W Factsheet

  • Overall Rating: 4.21 / 5
  • Tip / Waist / Tail (In Millimeters): 130-91-113
  • Lengths (In Centimeters): 153, 162, 171
  • Radius (In Meters): 15.4
  • MSRP: $750 [BUY NOW]


The 2020 4FRNT MSP CC.Photo courtesy of 4FRNT

Allow us to reintroduce you to the MSP CC, a sleeper agent of a ski that has flown under many a radar. Though this ski won Best in Test at our 2018 Indie SKI Test, many of our veteran testers hadn’t heard of it or even clicked into a pair of 4Frnts. They won’t make that mistake again. Ladies were blown away by it, heralding it as a supremely versatile and stable all-mountain tool that charges as hard as any men’s ski, but is way more fun than anything in the boys’ department. Brown: “Badass big girl ski!”

2020 4FRNT MSP CC Factsheet

  • Overall Rating: 4.13 / 5
  • Tip / Waist / Tail (In Millimeters): 133-99-121
  • Lengths (In Centimeters): 159, 165, 171
  • Radius (In Meters): 17
  • MSRP: $549

2020 Kästle FX96 W

2020 Kästle FX96 W
The 2020 Kästle FX96 W.Photo courtesy of Kästle

In the FX96 W, Austrian engineering magic has produced a ski that’s light yet supremely damp, with reduced weight in the shovel and sides of the ski to make turn initiation easier, but with a core made of three types of wood for added stability. Testers found the ski chatters at high speeds and skis short due to a low-camber profile with less effective edge. If you want your skis to shut up and arc supersized turns, size up. Gleason: “This ski could save the day for a gal who’s looking to advance to the next level.”

2020 Kästle FX96 W Factsheet

  • Overall Rating: 4.06 / 5
  • Tip / Waist / Tail (In Millimeters): 133-96-119
  • Lengths (In Centimeters): 156, 164, 172
  • Radius (In Meters): 16
  • MSRP: $849

2020 Armada Trace 98

2020 Armada Trace 98
The 2020 Armada Trace 98.Photo courtesy of Armada

Armada produces noodles no more! The brand known for its soft and playful park skis has matured, and the proof is in the Trace 98. A light poplar wood core and tip and tail rocker mean the Trace 98 turns on a dime and keeps you afloat in powder and bumps, yet Titanal underfoot and an adaptive mesh layer throughout the ski add dampness so you don’t feel every single bump in the terrain. That said, the Trace 98 does have a speed limit. Kennen: “Big sweet spot. A playful ski with pop and pizazz.”

2020 Armada Trace 98 Factsheet

  • Overall Rating: 4.03 / 5
  • Tip / Waist / Tail (In Millimeters): 127-98-119
  • Lengths (In Centimeters): 156, 164, 172
  • Radius (In Meters): 17
  • MSRP: $825 [BUY NOW]

2020 Elan Ripstick 94 W

2020 Elan Ripstick 94 W
The very red Elan Ripstick 94 W for 2020.Photo courtesy of Elan

The Ripstick 94 W is back—unchanged—for another season of shredding. Lady testers loved how the Ripstick rails on groomers and in the crud thanks to Elan’s signature amphibio profile, which reinforces the inside edge of each ski to make them more stable at high edge angles. While it definitely shows signs of Elan’s racing DNA (and favors strong ladies accordingly), the ski also scores high in flotation, making it a versatile all-mountain ski. Krause: “They may look like a race ski but they’re so playful.”

2020 Elan Ripstick 94 W Factsheet

  • Overall Rating: 4.03 / 5
  • Tip / Waist / Tail (In Millimeters): 135-95-110
  • Lengths (In Centimeters): 156, 163, 170, 177
  • Radius (In Meters): 15
  • MSRP: $750 [BUY NOW]

2020 Stöckli Stormrider 95

2020 Stockli Stormrider 95
The 2020 Stöckli Stormrider 95.Photo courtesy of Stöckli

If you like to rail turns (or want a ski that will teach you how to) look no further than the Stöckli Stormrider 95. Women who tip these babies on edge will be hard-pressed to find their speed limit on groomers. Yet for all its charginess and two sheets of Titanal, the SR 95 is quick to respond and will playfully transition from wide-radius turns to short turns, from groomers to bumps—but only if you command it. Humes: “A lot of ski in a 166. Stable and powerful, whatever comes its way, the SR 95 can handle it.”

2020 Stöckli Stormrider 95 Factsheet

  • Overall Rating: 4.02 / 5
  • Tip / Waist / Tail (In Millimeters): 131-95-123
  • Lengths (In Centimeters): 166, 175, 184, 193
  • Radius (In Meters): 15.2
  • MSRP: $1,099

2020 Völkl Secret 92

2020 Völkl Secret 92
The 2020 Völkl Secret 92.Photo courtesy of Völkl

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Banking on the success of last year’s model, Völkl left the Secret 92 untouched, and big surprise—testers still loved it. Not so surprising for a Völkl ski—the Secret 92 scores high in stability at speed and demands a strong will and even stronger quads and hammies. Aggressive lady skiers love how the Secret 92 attacks crud thanks to its Titanal frame and multi-layer wood core. Geary: “They love big, sweeping turns but you can make them do a quick dance if you stay on top of them.”

2020 Völkl Secret 92 Factsheet

  • Overall Rating: 3.94 / 5
  • Tip / Waist / Tail (In Millimeters): 130-92-113
  • Lengths (In Centimeters): 149, 156, 163, 170
  • Radius (In Meters): 16
  • MSRP: $825 [BUY NOW]

2020 Liberty Genesis 96

2020 Liberty Genesis 96
The 2020 Liberty Genesis 96 is a beauty of a ski.Photo courtesy of Liberty

Liberty made its debut in the SKI Test in 2019 and proved to testers it belonged. It may not be tops in every category, but man is the Genesis 96 fun. Playing to its strengths, Liberty designed the Genesis 96 to be a poppy, playful, and forgiving ski that butters the whole mountain. A lightweight, composite wood core reinforced with carbon stringers and early-rise rocker make the Genesis 96 a confidence-booster. Brown: “This ski is a genie in a bottle—ask a wish and the Genesis 96 grants wonders.”

2020 Liberty Genesis 96 Factsheet

  • Overall Rating: 3.94 / 5
  • Tip / Waist / Tail (In Millimeters): 130-96-177
  • Lengths (In Centimeters): 151, 158, 165, 171
  • Radius (In Meters): 14
  • MSRP: $700 [BUY NOW]

2020 K2 Mindbender 88ti Alliance

2020 K2 Mindbender 88ti Alliance
The all-new K2 Mindbender 88ti Alliance for 2020.Photo courtesy of K2

K2’s Mindbender series introduces a new type of construction—the Titanal Y-Beam—which places Titanal in areas where you want added weight, dampness, and stability: along the edges, underfoot, and in the tail. That way, unnecessary materials and weight are left out of the tip, allowing the women’s- specific Mindbender 88ti to ski like a jack of all trades. It carves on the frontside, zips in and out of trees, and charges through crud with tips afloat. Humes: “The perfect amount of forgiveness and power.”

2020 K2 Mindbender 88ti Alliance Factsheet

  • Overall Rating: 3.87 / 5
  • Tip / Waist / Tail (In Millimeters): 125-88-112
  • Lengths (In Centimeters): 149, 156, 163, 170
  • Radius (In Meters): 14.7
  • MSRP: $800 [BUY NOW]

2020 Line Pandora 94

2020 Line Pandora 94
The 2020 Line Pandora 94.Photo courtesy of Line

Ladies, stiff does not always equal better and more fun. Line gets that, so they’ve produced a women’s-specific, frontside-oriented ski that takes the work out of skiing and inserts fun in its stead. Designed with a pure aspen wood core and soft tip, the Pandora 94 is effortless in bumps, crud, trees—you name it. While testers found the ski’s speed limit immediately, they praised its forgiveness and quick maneuverability. Northrop: “For ladies who want easy fun without having to work for it.”

2020 Line Pandora 94 Factsheet

  • Overall Rating 3.8 / 5
  • Tip / Waist / Tail (In Millimeters) 131-94-117
  • Lengths (In Centimeters) 151, 158, 165, 172
  • Radius (In Meters) 14.5
  • MSRP: $650 [BUY NOW]

The 8 Best Women’s All-Mountain Narrow Skis of 2019

BEST IN TEST and BEST VALUE: 2019 Blizzard Black Pearl 88

2018/19 Blizzard Black Pearl 88
The 2019 Blizzard Black Pearl 88.Photo courtesy of Blizzard

We know, this ski always wins. But believe us, it’s for good reason—it’s been the top-selling ski across both men’s and women’s models for years running. It’s balanced, forgiving, strong, lightweight, and incredibly versatile for conditions, terrain, and ability levels. Blizzard overhauled it two years ago, making it lighter and stronger with a new carbon frame. Lay on it and trench, then instantly back off and feather it—it happily obliges. Truly a one-ski quiver. Greene: “Comfortable, reliable, versatile.”

  • Overall Rating: 4.21 / 5
  • Tip / Waist / Tail (in millimeters): 126-88-110
  • Lengths (in centimeters): 145, 152, 159, 166, 173
  • Radius (in meters): 14
  • MSRP: $720 [BUY NOW]

2019 Kästle LX85

2018/19 Kästle LX85
The 2019 Kästle LX85.Photo courtesy of Kästle

Vertical sidewalls, low camber, two sheets of metal, and no speed limit—this ski rages down the fall line. The proudly Austrian-made LX 85 earned No. 1 in Stability at Speed, Crud Performance, and Hard-Snow Integrity, but it happily sucked up bumps, slalomed trees, and played in the chop too. It’s damp, smooth, and stuck to the snow with a delicious bite on hardpack. It’s best for girls who love their edges. Bremner: “Short turns, long turns—all of it fun and with mirrored disco ball flashes!”

  • Overall Rating: 4.1 / 5
  • Tip / Waist / Tail (in millimeters): 126-85-109
  • Lengths (in centimeters): 144, 152, 160, 168, 176
  • Radius (in meters): 14.5
  • MSRP: $999

2019 Stöckli Stormrider 85 Motion

2018/19 Stöckli Stormrider 85 Motion
The 2019 Stöckli Stormrider 85 Motion.Photo courtesy of Stöckli

Holy Stöckli! This ski rips so hard it should come with a warning label and a free helmet. It’s humming with potential energy that tore trenches all over Deer Valley’s Empire Canyon. It’s built with a responsive, lightweight wood and fiberglass core that will eat up whatever you throw at it—provided you’re in the driver’s seat (it doesn’t tolerate skidders). This ski makes mounds of frozen ocean feel like plowable pillows of fresh. Handmade by Swiss engineers—and man, can you feel it. Gibbons: “They lit me up.”

  • Overall Rating: 3.99 / 5
  • Tip / Waist / Tail (in millimeters): 129-85-113
  • Lengths (in centimeters): 154, 161, 168
  • Radius (in meters): 15.8
  • MSRP: $999

2019 Atomic Vantage 90 Ti W

2018/19 Atomic Vantage 90 Ti W
The 2019 Atomic Vantage 90 Ti W.Photo courtesy of Atomic

The latest from Atomic’s war room is Titanium Tank Mesh, a strong, light layer that’s the building block of the entirely revamped Vantage Ti series. Instead of stripping weight out of a ski, Atomic starts with a chassis as thin as fine china—light shines right through it—and then adds reinforcement where needed. The result is a light, stiff, poppy ski that happily snaps off tight turns in the trees and then grips high- speed groomers like it’s on rails. Humes: “Set the edge and forget about it.”

  • Overall Rating 3.93 / 5
  • Tip / Waist / Tail (In Millimeters) 124.5-90-111
  • Lengths (In Centimeters) 153, 161, 169
  • Radius (In Meters) 16.5
  • MSRP: $725 (BUY NOW)

2019 K2 Alluvit 88 TI

2018/19 K2 Alluvit 88 TI
The 2019 K2 Alluvit 88 TI.Photo courtesy of K2

The Alluvit 88 TI still has damping metal, but K2 changed to an aspen and fir BioKonic core this year, which distributes its mass to the edges to provide better precision while reducing swing weight. No. 1 in Flotation and No. 2 in Playfulness and Forgiveness, the Alluvit is smooth-flexing, easy, and comfortable for a wide range of abilities. Testers remarked it’s a total blast— diving eagerly down the fall line without requiring quads of steel or a Jedi’s mental focus. “Refreshingly easy,” said Greene. “It read my mind.”

  • Overall Rating 3.93 / 5
  • Tip / Waist / Tail (In Millimeters): 128-88-110
  • Lengths (In Centimeters): 149, 156, 163, 170
  • Radius (In Meters): 12.5
  • MSRP: $750 (BUY NOW)

2019 Völkl Secret

2018/19 Völkl Secret
The 2019 Völkl SecretPhoto courtesy of Völkl

Despite its name (new feminine hygiene product?), the Secret proved to be a ninja warrior whose only sign of weakness was that it abhors weakness. (No. 2 in Stability at Speed, tied for No. 2 in Hard-Snow Integrity and last among winners in Playfulness.) The Secret employs a Titanal frame construction—a metal cutout—that reinforces only the edges to add grip but save weight. Carbon in the tip lightens it up, but this ski takes everything—especially speed—seriously. Bremner: “Slicing and dicing.”

  • Overall Rating: 3.93 / 5
  • Tip / Waist / Tail (in millimeters): 130-92-113
  • Lengths (in centimeters): 149, 156, 163, 170Radius (in meters): 16
  • MSRP: $825 (BUY NOW)

2019 Armada Victa 87 Ti

2018/19 Armada Victa 87 Ti
The 2019 Armada Victa 87 Ti.Photo courtesy of Armada

The Victa 87 TI is like a pop song for your feet: playful, fun, energetic, witty, easy to dance to. Testers loved its firecracker personality, great rebound, and versatility in turn shape and terrain—awarding top scores for Quickness and Playfulness. Good old-fashioned camber carves eagerly down the fall line, tip rocker hungers for bumps, and two sheets of metal stick to the snow. The Victa 87 TI is so fun-loving that it steers clear of crud, but then again, so do we. Humes: “Immediately comfortable.”

  • Overall Rating: 3.87 / 5
  • Tip / Waist / Tail (In Millimeters) 129-87-119.5
  • Lengths (In Centimeters) 155, 163, 171
  • Radius (In Meters) 16.5
  • MSRP: $700 (BUY NOW)

2019 Dynastar Legend W88

2018/19 Dynastar Legend W88
The 2019 Dynastar Legend W88.Photo courtesy of Dynastar

This proud Chamonix brand with a “mustache” chevron logo has spawned a cult following for as long as we can remember. The Legend W88 is a solid all-rounder, carving capably and offering a playful, lightweight feel despite two sheets of damping metal. It put up solid scores in Versatility, too, happy-go-lucky wherever it went. Some testers whined that the tip felt squirrely and the tail stiff, but all in all a winner. Greene: “It’s like a Labrador retriever—it just wants to please.”

  • Strength: Playfulness, Versatility; Weakness: Flotation
  • Overall Rating 3.77 / 5
  • Tip / Waist / Tail (In Millimeters) 125-88-109
  • Lengths (In Centimeters) 159, 166, 173
  • Radius (In Meters) 15
  • MSRP: $700 (BUY NOW)

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