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Ski & Snowboard Schools Of Aspen

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Ski & Snowboard Schools Of Aspen

Aspen, Colo.

WHY IT'S GREAT Any perception that Aspen instructors are little more than charming gigolos is totally false. Sure, some of the very best teachers gravitate here partly for the glamour, but remember this: Great ski teachers gravitate to great mountains, and Ajax Mountain in Aspen is one of nation's greatest. After all, the better the terrain and snow the better the learning opportunities. Don't let Aspen's glitzy reputation scare you away.

SCHOOL PHILOSOPHY "Emphasis is on fun. Instructors are specially trained to recognize students' needs, fears and learning styles. On-mountain Performance Centers ensure guests have proper biomechanical alignment and optimal equipment for specific physical characteristics."

DISTINGUISHING QUALITIES Aspen's ski school selectively recruits more than 1,000 passionate pros from around the world. The four mountains provide a broad spectrum of teaching terrain, and Aspen boasts one of the lowest class-size averages anywhere.

LEADER Rich Burkley, Managing Director

WHAT'S TAUGHT Expanded American Teaching System (ATS)

A GOOD DEAL Beginner's Magic is an Aikido-based program featuring custom-fit equipment, shorter, more responsive skis and specially trained teachers and rental-shop staff. Many guests make top-to-bottom runs on Buttermilk Mountain after just one day. Cost: $299 for four days, $239 for three days, including lift tickets.